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स्वाद – स्वादिष्ट भोजन की गारंटी

I was on an official trip to Nehru Place, Delhi and was going in circles through the entire area as my client has moved from his original location. Tired, sweating, hungry, and looking for some cold drinks and snacks, we spotted a board saying (Swagath (welcome)), Swad – Desh Videsh ka.

How could we refuse a welcome like that? It was a food mine for us and we quickly went in and made ourselves comfortable on the first floor. The décor was hypnotising – straight out of classics from the early eighties. It reminded me of my days at IIT Mumbai when we used to have cane chairs, foodie cartoons in the Parsi and Irani food joints. The music at this recently launched eatery was also soothing and not too loud.

The restaurant which is designed in colorful and playful tones instantly peps you up as you enter the space; the checkered floor adds lots of spark to the ambiance. Huge posters of old advertisements turned into food graffiti add to the amazing ambiance and make you hungrier,

Nehru Place is where loads of corporate office are located; lot of professionals come here every day for work, and also people like me come here to find new clients, and they all look for a restaurant where they can have a quick bite or lunch, or just a cup of tea or cold drink to go on with their meeting. There are quite a few veggie joints in the busy Nehru Place area – but something classy like Swad was needed for a long time.

The name Swad also has been arrived at after a lot of thought process. We all want our food to be Swadishta. And when the name itself is so SWAD-ful then you’re sure of a tasty meal.

भूखे पेट, भजन ना होय गोपाला, so lets now concentrate on the food, for which we were there. Swad has an exhaustive menu. Besides food from different parts of India, they also serve Italian and Chinese food. Dishes from every state find its place in the Menu. They also have some fusions of Indian and Italian food.

We cooled ourselves with a chocolate shake which was thick and very well blended. And soon our chatpata journey began. We preferred to embark on a journey through Desi Swad only, though towards the end we ordered a Thai delicacy Vegetables in Red Curry and rice too.

Chaat making is an Art in India and so is the presentation. And we truly loved the way our first dish – a south Indian delicacy; Masala Dosa was served. Mini Dosas with super tasty sambhar and chutney instantly became our favourite. The coconut chutney served along with the mini dosas, believe me guys, was one of the best in town.

Next was Peri Peri Soya chaaps, again a great presentation and it tasted divine too. The Dahi bhalla Served in mini Manson Jar was soft and the covered with thick layer of creamy Curd and topped with Tamarind Sauce.

We also got the Momos platter which was just okayish. I hope they do try out some experiments with the fillings, may be some variations of Paneer etc.

Our taste buds now wanted to try out something from the Italian section, but our heart was still Desi. So we tried a fusion dish now, and it was the Pizza Uttapam Dosa. It tasted divine – what a fusion guys?

Time for the main course now, and we were served Soya Chaap Rara, Daal E Swad along with Rotis and Naans. I was not happy as they were serving me two dishes made of Soya in the same meal. But it turned out to be an exotic delicacy, it even failed the Daal which is a famous dish at Swad. I feasted on this Soya Chaap Rara and am sure will come back for this.

While searching for my client’s office I was feeling quite stressed, so I thought of sweetening my moods a little by reversing the word to DESSERTS and we ordered a Dollar Jalebi with Rabri and Matka Kulfi. The jalebis were quite crisp and fully relaxed me. Jalebis dipped in rabri were like icing on the cake.

I am sure you guys wont wait to read this part of my feature – and are already inside SWAD for a lip smacking tasty affair.

Where: 43, Ground Floor, Chiranjivi Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Cost for Two: INR 750/- + taxes

Pics: Pradeep Chamaria  for exablogs

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