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Mela of Tail wagging animals – PET FED 2018

pic credits: Kajol Vohra

As I walked through a crowd of tail wagging four legged creatures during the recently concluded 5th edition of PET FED in New Delhi, I couldn’t help myself recalling a true saying by Josh Billings, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Well, we  all, and me specially, love dogs and all other four legged animals for their cuteness and funny antics.

Yes folks, I recently was at PET FED, India’s biggest Pet festival presented by TOPDOG Luxury Pet Resorts in New Delhi. This was the fifth edition of the festival but my first experience and I met a lot of dogs and cats at the festival. I was happy to have spent one of the most fantastic weekends of my life. The festival further strengthened my bond with dogs and other pets. My favorite breed at Petfed was Chau -Chau whom I desperately wanted to hug.

PET FED, the cutest festival of 2018 witnessed 2500+ pets (dog, cat, hamsters, iguana and guinea pigs included). It was a Mela of Wagging tails all over the grounds, Pet Fed every year is the place for your yearly dose of Puppy Love.

The 2-day fiesta kicked off with numerous activities like Security Dog Show by SSB Dogs, Pet Fed Mascot Walk with Dino Morea & Temptation Alley. The activity rings also had engaging activities lined up like Pets Got Talent, Discover Dog Zone and Fashion Show. They had an exclusive aqua world apart from all the adoption camps that were set up.

Speaking on the occasion, Akshay Gupta, Founder, Pet Fed, said ‘’Year after year, this city has proved that they are game for immense amount of love for animals. We are thrilled to have received so much support from Delhiites yet again. The enthusiasm has evidently increased from every year and we look forward to its newer levels next year too, thanking Delhi with all our heart.”

“We are now extremely excited to host our next edition in Mumbai and look forward to entertaining our adorable fur balls there on 19-20 January. The line-up of activities must have you rushing to book the tickets”, he added.

pic credit: Soni Sharma

Vikram Sharma, Co-Founder, TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts commented, “It has been an amazing weekend with India’s biggest pet festival! We’re so thankful to all the visitors, the hardworking PetFed team and of course the pets for making this an incredible end-of-year experience for us. Seeing everybody hanging out at the TopDog garden, talking to our experts, sharing their stories and concerns about their dogs has been so refreshing for us and we can’t wait to see many of you at our resort in Gurgaon soon!”

Pic Credit: Soni Sharma

Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts is located in Gurgaon and is spread over 45,000sq. ft. area. It is a safe, stress-free and clean environment for your dog’s boarding and daycare. Topdog Luxury Pet Resorts was designed by international experts with a vision to provide the best mental and physical enrichment for your dog. Fully supervised by US trained and certified Animal Behaviourist Gautam Kari and Veterinarian Dr. Vinod Sharma, Topdog offers overnight stays, daycare, training and behavior correction, agility and confidence building, relaxation areas, vet services, grooming and a pet store to meet all your pet’s special needs!

With inputs by Ms Soni Sharma (Team Exablogs/Exatraveller). 

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