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Tanoshii Trail – Exotic Pan Asian Food

It was a long time since I relished good authentic oriental food which does not have any of our won DESI Tadkas. So when we came across Tanoshii Trail while strolling in the posh GK-1 market in New Delhi, we decided to check it out. Tanoshii Trail has recently opened and serves pan-Asian favourites like dim sums, sushi, wok-tossed pork, noodles and the like.

The vibrant coloured decors stunned us the moment we entered the eatery. The artistic wonders of Japan were displayed on each and every wall and the table settings also were of Japanese ethics.

Besides arts and crafts, Japan boasts off the technological advances, and Tanoshii was truly following this trail. I guess it’s the only automated restaurant in Delhi right now, which takes orders on iPads and the food is served on conveyor belts. The iPads have the entire pictorial menu on it, and as per your order, the food comes straight from the kitchen and stops alongside your table.

Tanoshii in Japanese literally means enjoyable or interesting and the management has left no stone unturned to give its customers an enjoyable time through the Kaiten Zushi, meaning Rotating Sushi or Sushi served on a conveyor belt.

It was a very hot and humid day, and I was so thirsty. So I ordered a Mango Shake as soon as I made myself comfortable on my table. And then started with the salad, Yum Woon Sen; a spicy Thai glass noodles and veggies which was quite yummy. I am not a salad person myself, but I liked this salad here at Tanoshii.

We then ordered and relished Asparagus Tempura Rolls, a variety of Dimsums, namely Poached, Siu Mai, Glazed, and mix Vegetable Dimsums to begin with and were delighted to collect them from the conveyor.

We also tried a platter of assorted vegetable Sushi. This was a great platter and we enjoyed relishing the Sushi along with Soya sauce and Wasabi.

For the main course, we opted for Black Pepper Ho Fun Noodles, Assorted Veggies in Bean curd Skin, Crispy Corn and Water Chestnut, and Vegetarian Khao Suey. Well, the food was quite good, but was a bit too spicy, and this was a surprise to me. I also think they should add more flavours to their dimsums which were kind of bland.

We finally ended our meals with Coconut Pancakes and this was something which made us smile. We also ordered another Japanese dessert delicacy, Cheese Fushi. This Fushi was really amazing and a dessert like this is certainly making me to keep coming back to Tanoshii.




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