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Image taken from Startup website – The Certified & Verified AC Servicing Professionals

The Home Service market is currently a hotbed for the startups and each of them is coming up with the best innovative ideas to carve out their own identity. This is what this new player in the market is trying to do. Launched in April 2020, and based out in Kolkata, 999services, is a platform which provides doorstep Air-Conditioning Services in 15+ cities, and delivery of refurbished AC’s to 17000 pin codes with expansion plans to reach Pan India and aspire to become a household name. This startup wants to extend the number of services to nine hundred and ninety-nine and keep it within the price range of nine hundred and ninety-nine because it’s not for only the privileged but for everyone.

The company is hopeful to bring a revolution in the home servicing market. The platform also provides numerous features, a 14-day money-back policy on Services, and a 1-year guarantee on its refurbished AC. An extremely well trained, meticulous team of engineers, verified service providers provide reliable services at extremely economical prices.

In India, most air-conditioners with a good ISEER Rating are exorbitantly expensive and seen as a luxury product for a larger part of our community. The founder Vedang Khetawat had a similar mindset and he came with a solution in the form of 999services where the Customers get the most affordable refurbished AC buying and AC servicing options available in the market. It provides access to ‘hard-to-find-services’ at affordable prices.

Pic is taken from startup’s website

About 999Services:

The story began when the world along with India was locked in during the corona-virus pandemic in April 2020. From early in his life, Vedang Khetawat, Founder & CEO at was especially intrigued by how air conditioners worked, and that it should be an essential commodity. He began to uncover the current skewed industrial approach of servicing air conditioners and refurbishing old/rejected air-conditioners. He wanted to create a transparent system of purchasing products, and services online to save the intermediary cost and transfer the benefit to his consumers. He decided the best way to fix this, was to get his own hands dirty. That’s how 999services was born. After fully streamlining the process, getting a determined team on board, and spending all the money on providing the best service at every day affordable prices, the biggest mission is to offer reliable services at extremely economical prices whilst satisfying the customer to the fullest. 999services is walking the road map where a customer earns value for money at every day affordable prices.

It’s been 2 months since inception, and this 999services, an e-commerce business platform for refurbished air-condoners, and services have already serviced 1064 air-conditioners and sold over 504 refurbished air-conditioners. This is the first time of its kind in India.


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