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A vacation in Canada – in off-seasons

A vacation abroad – and especially to Canada – is like a dream come true for every Indian. Yes, yes – there are plenty of Punjabis already there in Canada, but for a normal family – spending days going around important places in Canada is a charm that no one can avoid.

Tourism like any other place means business in Canada. The travel and tourism sector provides a vital stimulus to Canada’s commercial growth through the visitor economy. With $90 billion in total economic activity and 1.7 million jobs related to the sector, tourism is one of the few truly national industries that generate business in every region, province, territory, town, and community.

Over the past couple of years, the Canadian travel and tourism industry has seen a lot of visitors thronging Canada. India continued to be the top source market for VA (visitors’ arrival) but mostly during the summers. And this can be a potential cause for the low annual market share of the tourism industry of Canada when compared with other countries. Canada currently is ranked 17th in overall visitation globally.

So to better this position and also to attract more visitors from India something needs to be done. And there can be multiple approaches to this. One of the approaches can be attracting visitors during the off-season times like in the seasons of spring, winter, and fall.

Canada tourism can highlight the attractions during the off-seasons and also the benefits like fewer crowds, low expenses, and better sights during these seasons.

Me, I always love visiting Canada during off tourist seasons and particularly during the Falls when the is a little chill in the air. Autumn is normally called “Fall” in Canada, and is derived from an Old English word “Feallan” which means “to fall or die.”

Fall or autumn in Canada is a wonderful time of the year. The cooler temperatures provide relief from the heat and humidity of summers and leaves on the trees begin their transformation to stunning shades of orange, red, and yellow. It is a good time to travel to Canada as high summer prices have subsided but the weather is pleasant and you can still take part in lots of outdoor activities like hiking and camping, whale watching, and more.

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