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Be Surprised – (Be) Oye Happy

Everyone loves gifts and surprises – right folks.

It’s a lovely feeling to express your love and surprise your near and dear ones by exchanging gifts on special occasions.

Don’t you recall telling your younger sibling that you are going to get him a surprise on his coming birthday.

But procuring the right gift is not so simple in our fast lifestyle that we lead today. Planning surprise birthday parties for a special person in your life and screaming surprise were hot cakes for people some 30 years ago. Today you find it odd when people jump out from behind the couch yelling.

We live in the era of millennia’s and for them, gifts do not boil down to cutting a cake or giving flowers. This generation is evolving with the times and prefers to use the technology to choose their gifts? They don’t have time to go to the market to choose a unique gift. For them buying the usual gifts no longer creates excitement. They prefer to use the technology where everything is easily available at the click of a button.

Gifting websites

As a result, recently there has been mushrooming of various unique gift websites where you can search and order unique and personalised gifts for various occasions.

Oye Happy is one such online gifting store that caters to exclusive and unique gifting ideas. They curate and create their own range of unique gifts and experiences and today is the most happening online destination for unique, quirky, sweet, and customised gifts. There are a variety of categories available on their website where you can easily pick gifts and surprises for your near and dear ones.

Oye Happy’s Happiness Crew helps you make your special occasions more memorable through their innovative gifts and experiences. Think of anything which is almost impossible for you to get, such as hiring a Harley-Davidson or a limo or a luxury car for a day, to gifting a dog lover an hour’s time with a hundred dogs at a kennel, to hiring a haunted antique house, to customising a bottle of wine with the recipient’s name – and they will make it happen. Anything and everything is possible for Oye Happy.

They even take up CSR projects. Yes, you heard it right, you can even carry on your social responsibilities here and they help you donate to a charitable cause, celebrate your anniversary at an NGO by treating 100 special children, sponsor the education of a child or expenses of an elderly person for a month, get trees planted on your loved one’s behalf, donate during natural disasters, send letters and gifts to soldiers and do lots more.

Even corporate houses use Oye Happy experiences for their employees and clients instead of conventional gifts.

Journey of Oye Happy

Oye Happy was seeded as a passion project by Varun Todi and his cousin Harshvardhan Khemani in 2009 from a small room and has now evolved into a multi-crore business. Headquartered at Hyderabad, they have a team now delivering happiness.

In fact, both of the promoters were in habit of making special occasions extra special for their family and friends. And while designing once such surprise they decided to do just that – surprise people, and got into this business of gifting happiness and Oye Happy came into existence.

Within a year of their operations, they had the distinction of being voted as one of India’s top 5 ‘Young Turks’ on CNBC. In 2013, they opened the world’s first surprise shop at the Hyderabad airport and started their online operations in 2014 – a shop where they charge you to surprise you or your friends and family. The price ranges from Rs 250 to a few lakhs.

Oye Happy products are different from usual online gifts. You get happy just browsing through the website full of many unusual and quirky surprises. The variety includes gifts like Plant a Tree, Video messages, Photo Magnets, Virtual Surprises, prank cards, etc. and are presented in well-organized layouts.

They have plenty of physical gift options which include chocolates too, which are different than usual of-the-shelve ones and their flowers come with a real plant in a cute little bucket. The best is the romantic, sweet, naughty, and quirky surprise variety for romantic couples.

Well, we all know that you have to pay for unique ideas. And that’s the scenario here too, the surprises don’t come cheap. You might find similar products online or offline at a much cheaper price. But if you are short on time or if you want your normal gift to look like a surprise which is personalized, special, quirky, and mischievous — then this is the place you want to go to. You see, the fact that about 70% of customers are re-visitors vouch for the exclusivity of the store.

Now to tell you about my experience with Oye Happy

I ordered Chocolates from Santa, Birthday Countdown magnet, and Plant a Tree. Well as I have narrated above, the ideas are great, especially the Plant a Tree one. I was in fact looking to find something to pay respect to my parents in heavens for the Shradha Paksha which began on 2nd September 2020. And because of the pandemic, organising Brahmins for lunch was very risky. This permitted me to plant a tree in their name which will last for years and keep spreading happiness around it.

Are you feeling sleepy reading all of my blogs?

Why don’t you just stop reading and Log on their website and start ordering surprises. The festive season is just around the corner and since you are locked in your homes because of the pandemic, this is the best option to hunt for some new ideas that have an emotional connection.

Click at to check out the awesome list of the best gifts.

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