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Bombay Brasserie – experimenting with Desi food recipes

We recently were at the newly opened Delhi branch of Bombay Brasserie, a brand from the house of the ‘Legendary Copper Chimney’. This is the place where you can taste Indian food recipes experimented with to give a new look and taste. They have outlets at cities like Coimbatore, Chennai and Kolkata too.

Here we had a chance to celebrate the Flavours of India through a culinary journey that took us from traditional royal kitchens to the secret recipes from a mother’s kitchen.

This is a traditional Indian restaurant presented in a contemporary manner. The food is served in artistic manners as was served to the royals and Nawabs in the past. No fancy artifacts are used to serve the food – but still the presentations are amazing. This is a place where you have to come fully dressed for food which might look prettier on plate than you.

The restaurant is contemporary with a touch of lovely white, fresh blue colours and some ancient features like old cupboards to give the ancient touch to it. The feel is very fresh at this well lit and spacious restaurant giving you positive vibes. All this create atmosphere of an elegant modern dining room that has character without lapsing into exotic tropes.  Servers are personable, outgoing, and the music played is moderate.

As soon as we got comfy on our table, we were served the summer quencher from the place in Eastern India which is famous for its soda variants. Bengalis love to experiment with their sodas, and here we feasted on the Not so Soda; a Calcutta Saada created with a twist. The addition of gulkand and ice cream creates an amazing smoothie. Our server next got us The 6 chutney Papad Tokri; assorted crunchy Aloo, Urad and Sabudana papad with homemade chutney along with our drink.

The next dish was a great mix of spices and condiments form North India; Aam Papad Paneer. It was a great appetizer, perfectly marinated paneer served with lotus stems, and sundried mango, i.e. Aam Papad from Amritsar. As we dug in our forks in the platter, all three different constituents tasted great together and also separately. This really was a perfect innovation with paneer and gave it a delicious twist.

Even though there was almost every state of India barging into the menu, our lunch at BB was quite impressive as the chefs had done a wonderous job by not letting the varieties turn into a chaos.

The next dish again was a great twist to the normal North Indian Kulchas and Mumbai’s Chilli Cheese sandwich; Chilli Cheese Kulcha. It was a mini kulcha stuffed with chilli cheese and surely was a great new way to sample Bombay’s chilli cheese toast.

I don’t know what to say about Subz Seekh Kebab Roti; grilled vegetable kebabs, with imli-pudina pyaz and roti. The kebab was tenderly done and was so delicious that I would have eaten it under any name.

We also had a few other marvelous things and I strongly recommend them. These are:

  • Gunpowder Potatoes; baby potatoes in falvourful homemade south styled Masala Podi (Molaga Podi spice from TN).
  • Himalayan Spiced Mushroom; stuffed mushroom with yellow Lakhori chilli. It was a great dish with the coated mint chutney giving it a perfect balance of flavors.
  • Anardana Mirch Paneer; chilli rubbed roast paneer with anandana (crumbled dry pomegranate).This tasty dish made in Uttrakhand style is a must try at BB.

We headed to the main course section of our lunch and once again had variety of food from all over India on out table. Dum ke Kali Daal, creamy earthy whole black lentils slowly simmered over charcoal finished with a dollop of hand–churned butter gave a new definition to the normal Daal Makhani that we often eat.

Paneer sirka Pyaz, tawa toasted paneer with sirka pyaz in a masala tempered with cumin and chillies looked impressive with the coated spices. These were paired with a crispy flaky layered hand crushed parantha, the Chur Chur Parantha and Achari Biryani. The biryani was full of seasonal pickled veggies and paneer. Saffron dominated the flavours of this slow cooked biryani which was further garnished with caramalised onions.

People who know me – are very well aware that I am always impatient to start eating a dessert at the end of my meals, But my meals at BB were not done as yet, so we settled down for the exotic Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry and Banana leaf rice. The dish containing mixed seasonal vegetables simmered in Mumbai’s coastal blend of over 20 masalas was served with fragrant rice steamed in tender banana leaves.

And finally it was time to make way for the dessert. And it was a cool platter of 3 different ice cream sandwiches and candies. Traditionally a street snack n most parts of India, it is a crunchy assortment of biscuits with flavoured ice creams in between. The presentation of the platter again was amazing and we loved eating the ice cream sandwiches first with our eyes and then finally devouring them.

We certainly had a gala while we were at Bombay Brasserie and hope you also have a gala time when you visit BB for your much deserved lunch/dinner.


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