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Career opportunities after MBA – Tourism Management & MBA -Hospitality Management

Team Exablogs recently had an interaction with Dr. Daviender Narang, Director of Jaipuria Institute of Management, and sought his opinions on the career opportunities for aspiring tourism and hospitality professionals after doing MBA in Tourism Management and MBA in Hospitality Management.

Here is what Dr. Daviender Narang says:

Globalisation and liberalisation have opened the world to every country. Even after the lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic, people started traveling more than ever. The tourism and hospitality industry has enhanced its growth manifolds and still continues to do so. An MBA in this domain not only has an immense scope but is also allied to an exciting and adventurous career.

Career opportunities after a post-graduate degree in tourism management are based on various relevant factors:

  • Growing industry: the idea of traveling has taken an impetus with so many social media and globalized cultures aspiring people to travel far-flung places. More and more management is being introduced in this unorganized sector and a lot of government initiatives are being taken to support this industry. The indirect advantage of monetary exchange and cultural mix is also a motivation.
  • Venturesome: the inherent nature of this profession is to move places, meet new people and participate in innovative gatherings. Such a job makes your official life also very exciting and dashing.
  • Versatile choice of professions: tourism and hospitality offer a range of departments to choose from – catering to guiding tourists. On one hand, you can stay inside a hotel and be involved with the food and beverages team or you can use your expertise in event management.
  • High compensation: like other service industries, tourism, and hospitality due to its vigor and charm, capitalizes on excellent customer satisfaction. To achieve this target many managers are highly paid to maintain their upscale objectives.
  • Personal development: since hotel and tourism involve satisfying every kind of person, it cannot be achieved if one is not highly trained and sustainable. The staff is efficiently skilled and caters to the diverse demands of the customer. Therefore, the personality of such employees tends to be highly polished and strong. They are well-acquainted with confidence, tact, and utility.

The basic aptitude and skills required to be successful in this domain are also discussed here:

  • Assertiveness: the management of tourism and hospitality needs very confident and self-fulfilled professionals. The whole industry thrives on smiling and confident faces.
  • Communication skills: the bulk of interaction with customers from different parts of the world makes it a necessity to be excelled in soft and interpersonal abilities. This can also be associated with empathy as today’s customers are looking forward to the hotel employees making them feel comfortable like home.
  • Creative skills: due to immense human connectivity, the tourism and hospitality industry endeavors to compete on the basis of solving problems of the business and pacifying the customer to the best extent possible. As human problems are more complex than any other type of problem, it is best required that these managers come out with innovative ideas to match the competition.

To be precise the opportunities available in this particular career are:

  • Global Business Manager: as the name suggests, this job involves setting up hotels at different locations of the world and liaison with the appropriate stakeholders. One is responsible for studying the global market, locating vendors and suppliers, managing franchises, and many more. this top-level position makes the manager accountable for the overall functioning of the hotel brand.
  • Travel Coordinator: this mid-level yet critical position has the onus of organizing and managing tours. It requires a lot of meticulousness to seamlessly plan a tour for a group of people, looking after all the aspects like lodging and traveling. The itinerary needs to be flawless and impressive for the customer to enjoy their travel to the fullest.
  • Hotel & Resort Manager: this holistic job profile includes managing the whole stay of the guest at a particular hotel or resort. The manager is responsible for the whole staff, customer complaints, upkeep and maintenance, food quality, looking after reservations, etc.
  • F & B Manager: a very popular but tough work is this which includes developing novel menus, analyzing the food critically, or continuously improving the quality of food and beverages. Also involves working with suppliers and hotel staff for minimizing customer grievances.
  • Event Organiser: a run-time job where the incumbent has to manage the whole event live. The most challenging of all the careers, it is a highly paid but pressuring job. The end-to-end process has to be managed from hiring vendors to execution.

To conclude, one needs to be aspirational to be a part of the tourism and hospitality industry as one cannot be lame or ineffectual to survive in such a thrilling and rocking profession.



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