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‘Clean to Green’ campaign to promote responsible e-waste recycling in India

The advancement of technology, the increased usage of electronic and telecommunication products has resulted in generation of massive waste which is now classified as e-Waste.

Clean to Green sensitizing school children on the importance of e-waste management

India currently is the fifth largest producer of e–waste in the world. Unfortunately, a mere 1.5 per cent of the total e-waste produced in India is properly recycled. In India approximately 18 lakh metric tons (MT) of e-waste is generated in India every year, which is estimated to grow up to 52 lakh (MT) by 2020. Electronics contain multitude of valuable recoverable materials such as gold, aluminuim and copper as well as hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Proper and safe recycling of electronic waste not only keeps harmful toxins from polluting the air, soil, and water, but also reduces energy and water use associated with manufacturing new materials

To generate awareness a campaign ‘Clean to Green’ was recently launched in New Delhi recently. Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) India, a leading global service provider of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions is looking after their flagship campaign ‘Clean to Green’ in India.

The campaign is focussed on spreading mass awareness and sensitizing consumers on how and where to dispose electronics in a responsible manner. The campaign has been launched in compliance with the stringent E-waste management rules which are set to come into effect in India and will seek to minimise the impact of substandard ways of e-waste disposal on the environment.

On the eve of the Clean to Green launch, RLG organised an enriching panel discussion on ‘Reimagining E-waste: Creating sustainable solutions for India.’ The panel discussion with experts was aimed at analysing the obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR) legislative frame and stressed on need for a coherent multi-stakeholder cooperation to ensure the safe disposal of e-waste.

RLG India will manage and operate the Producer’s Responsibility Organization “Clean to Green’’ on behalf of producers to offer them a sustainable, reliable and efficient option to comply with their extended producer obligations.

As a part of the Clean to Green campaign RLG will seek to work with the electronic industry and corporates to address the issue of e-waste and enable successful implementation of Clean to Green in the country to safely dispose and recycle electronics. RLG will channelize e-waste, arranging for direct pickup and processing, ensuring that valuable metals can be reused and recycled for future electronics with a commitment that no e-waste will ever end up in a landfill poisoning the environment.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Patrick Wiedemann, Global CEO, RLG said “The electronic consumption is rising around the world, thus requiring a solution on handling the defective and no longer in use electronics. At RLG we are committed to working towards creating a truly sustainable economy that works without waste, saves resources and is restorative by its circular design.

Commenting on the launch of Clean to Green in India, Ms. Radhika Kalia Managing Director, RLG India said, “Proper disposal and recycling of electronics is a national priority and the government has initiated a policy which showcases the seriousness of the issue. In alignment with the e-waste management rules initiated by the government of India, we are focussed on working towards the betterment of the environment and the wellbeing of the society.

A key element of this campaign will be the focus on creating large scale awareness in society through the ‘I Agree – Clean to Green’ pledge in India.

Reverse Logistics Group headquartered in Munich, Germany. RLG – a (CIERP) ‘Clean India Electronics Recycling Platform’ is foraying into India to enable producers to fully comply with the legal requirements as given in the E-waste Management Rules and to support formalization of the e-waste informal sector.

The REVERSE LOGISTICS GROUP (RLG) is a 145 Million Euro global 4PL service provider specializing in the design and operation of tailored end-to-end solutions for all aspects of Product Take-Back and Returns Management. Following a maxim “Return to value”, the ultimate goal is to enable and support the concept of a Circular Economy and connected innovative business models such as: product-as-a-service, shared economy services or product transformation.

The company is committed to becoming an acknowledged contributor to India’s prosperity, healthy society and environment by providing a professional collection and recycling system for discarded electronic products.

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