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desi food ka Theka @ Garam Dharam, Rajiv Chowk

Garam Dharam – Dhaaba te Theka recently introduced few summer based dishes and we decided to give it a try. We all know how severe is Delhi summer, but then this is the best time to savour tantalizing food and drinks to koolify the summer heat. This Summer Season, Garam Dharam, the iconic dhaba in the heart of the city is creating a stir in Delhi with its special offerings of toothsome food. It sure is going to be a culinary journey of vibrant flavours.

Keeping intact the Bold and Toothsome flavours of the Indian cuisine, this year’s new summer menu is a perfect amalgamation of flavours, classic age old recipes recreated with magic and magnificence. The Summer Menu is perfect combination of robustness of flavours with creativity well suited for the travellers, foodies and tourists.

The dhaaba was full when we walked into it at around 7:30 PM – full with people who have come there after shopping or from office. Soon after seating we looked outside and found people waiting for their turn.

Garam Dharam has interiors that are liked by everybody. The semi-dim lighting and the interesting interiors made me like the decor instantly. The decor was that of a typical roadside dhaaba on national highways and the walls had Dharam Paaji all over them.

The cental point of attraction is the Bullet motorcycle with a side car from the legendary movie Sholay which saw Dharam paaji and Amitabh Bacchan sing the memorable “Yeh Dosti hum nahi todenge”. Lots of people pose and click with the bike to make their visit memorable.

The typical dhaaba style cutlery, glasses and big steel plates made me very happy. The food and drinks menu consist of dhaba style food is fun to go through. The desi theka styled quirky bottles (desi pavvas) to serve mocktails were the highlight of our entire meal time and my favorite was Paan Gulabo; a paan and gulkand flavoured drink.

In food we started with Imli Paneer Tikka which was prepared by marinating it overnight with tamarind, and mouth melting Kumb Gilavate Kebbas. For the non veggie lovers they have Creamy and Spicy Elaichi  Malai Murgh, and flavourful Nimbu wala Nasheela Jheenga enhanced with Cognac.

From the mains they have 2 Din ki Daal, a chef signature Dal Makhni, rich and flavourful Kofta Dilkhush, a dumpling stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese, Jungli Maas, a flavourful Lamb Shank power packed with Indian spices, chicken morsels Dhaniya Murg, Bhindi Jaipuri, Martbaan ka Paneer and many more.

For deserts they have delightful Mango Rasgulla, slow cooked in fresh mango syrup and dry fruits, a sinful Gilkand aur Chenna ki Jugalbandi, a chef signature rasmalai stuffed with rose petals and jam.

I really liked the authentic looks of the servings and the fact that the food here had less oil and for this the management should be applauded. Less oily means low calories and this should go very well with today’s diet conscious clients.


My ratings:

Décor : 4.5/5         Ambiance : 4.5/5            Food : 4/5            Service : 3.5/5

Location: M-16, Ground Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi




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