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Destination Wedding at Mandarmoni, West Bengal


Mandarmani, a beach resort in the eastern Midnapur district of West Bengal, is one of Bengal’s recently developed tourist destinations that lie close to the ever-popular Digha and Shankarpur. With sun and surf, pristine sea beach, and untrammeled silt-coloured sand, this beach is slowly becoming popular among tourists.

This 13 km long motorable beach is the longest motorable beach road in India. On the beachside, there are numerous luxury beach hotels/resorts that cater to the ever-increasing tourist inflow. Also, these resorts spread out in huge areas spanning hundreds of acres and offer fabulous Destination Wedding options.

One such resort where I had a chance to attend a Lavish destination wedding was the abode of solace, called RoseValley – Suncity Resort Mandarmani.  it is the most popular and largest sea resort and tourist spot, spread across the sprawling 100 acres of land, with 134 exquisite rooms, propped with modern architecture, spacious interior, dazzling artifacts, and an ambiance that influences its subtle elegance. The lonely low slant with a shallow sand beach with gentle waves extending over 7 kilometers, creates a picturesque miracle around the resort with all the charm and lure of Mandarmani.

It was the first resort to open in Mandarmani, for you to retreat, relax, connect, mingle, and mix and play in a place that is full of light, life, and energy.

After decades of service, today the resort stands for anything you need in Mandarmani, such as leisure or resort travel, business travel, hosting meetings, or celebrating a wedding, and other ceremonies.

The resort is bedecked with spectacular water and dry parks, full of fun and frolics for guests of all ages. The Cable Car ride is the first of its kind in eastern India, which makes the thrill of a vacation, unique and memorable. Toy Train rides and fun rides for children in the Caterpillar are additional delights. The water park with its Wave Pool, Waterfall, and Water Slides will let you rediscover the meaning of joy in its Water World, whether it is Splashing around in the park, swimming in the sea, or just watching the sunset.

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