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Disaster preparedness and crisis management by DTC

Recently, Angeli Qwatra Safety Trainings (Philanthrope), a centre for disaster risk and safety, collaborated with Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), to organise a series of disaster preparedness and crisis management trainings for 25000 DTC staff.

The inaugural training was conducted in the presence of eminent dignitaries such as Mr. Manoj Kumar, IAS, Chairman & Managing Director, Delhi Transport Corporation, Mr. V.K Gupta Chief General Manager, Delhi Transport Corporation, Dr Angeli Qwatra, Director General, Centre-Disaster Risk & Safety, and Founder, ‘Philanthrope’.

Delhi is prone to several natural and manmade disasters and Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) have become the leading cause of injury and death among the adult population. More than 4 lakh road accidents take place in India every year that result in the loss of nearly 1.5 lakh lives and inflicting serious injuries on 5 lakhs persons. Some of these lives could have been saved if people handling the victim would have been trained in safety and emergency management. 10,000 people died in road accidents in last six years in Delhi which is thrice the number in Mumbai.

The training module of the workshop includes lecture cum demonstration with audio-visual presentation making it easily assailable and providing hands-on practical training, conducted by trained and internationally -qualified professionals.

The training is aimed to strengthen DTC’s responsiveness to disasters and accidents and to reduce risks, and vulnerability, which in turn will lead to reduction in deaths and injuries suffered by Delhi road users.

Congratulating DTC and Philanthrope teams on the success of the training, Mr. Manoj Kumar, IAS, Chairman-Managing Director, DTC, said that, “The central idea of organising such trainings is to build capacity to integrate knowledge and to analyse, evaluate and manage the different aspects of on – road accidents and disasters at both local and national levels.”

Dr Angeli Qwatra, Director General, Center for disaster risk and safety’, emphasised on the importance of all-round safety, and said, “Being prepared to respond to a disaster improves the survival rate of victims. Such trainings will build the disaster management and responsiveness capacities of DTC drivers and conductors, enabling them to help lakhs of passengers who travel in DTC buses daily. ”

Philanthrope, a disaster & risk management initiative taken by Dr Angeli Qwatra on Safety Preparedness and Emergency management, is a non-profit organisation, striving to make the most vulnerable communities safer from natural and manmade disasters through awareness, preparedness and mitigation. Dr Angeli Qwatra as Founder Philanthrope has been working in preparing organizations and individuals for preparing for their own safety. She has trained Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai Police, Taj and Ashoka Hotel, commonwealth games volunteers. Schools and Colleges. Philanthrope has been conducting programs on training and capacity building, community preparedness, school safety, knowledge building, and urban risk reduction.

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