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Exercises One Can Do At Home during COVID Times

Guest Post by Nidhi Khurana, 365 Gorgeous

The world is upside down, thanks to COVID-19 – no going out, no socialising, and no more trips to the gym.

Can I work out without going to the gym?

Of course, you can. Your home is the new gym.

Everyone needs to work out, and everyone can with these easy home-workouts that need no special equipment, a little furniture moving, a little space, and of course, very little time. So, if you want to start with your home workout and are looking for some easy workouts, this is the right place to read about them.


We have rounded up some simple and effective exercises that are basic, easy, effective, and high intensity – but at the same time doable at home in just 30 minutes. Read on to know more.

But before you start with the exercises, here are a few how-tos that you need to consider.

How To

Choose the Right Workout – You need a mix of cardio, upper and lower body, and core workouts.

Choose Different Exercises – Your time at the gym should have taught you to do exercises with different intensity levels. For example, we have cardio with burpees and jumping jacks, core exercises for abdominal muscles, and so on.

Duration of Exercise- Start with 1 set of 10 or a 30-second workout for each exercise and when your strength builds up, increase the number of sets to 3 and duration to 1 minute or as long as recommended.

Get a Timer – Use a timer, turn on good music, and begin with warm-ups.

After the warm-up, start with the workouts.

Core Moves

Sit-ups – Lie down on your back, knees bent, touching the floor. Stabilize your lower body, hands beneath the ears and try to sit up. These are basic moves that begin with 20 for beginners. You are a pro when you work your way up to 50. The best way to do them – do not hook them under a table or chair.

Crunches – The movement of crunches isolates the abdominal muscle. Start with a single set of 20 and move on to three sets.

Bicycles – Lie on the back with your knees bent and feet in the air and hands touching the ears. Pump your legs one by one, bicycle motion, one minute, vigorously.

Planks – This is the best bodyweight workout for the entire body. Rest your body on your elbows and toes touching the floor, back straight, legs straight. Lift your body up slightly and stay in position for a minute. It is okay if you do a minute. It does take time.

Cardio Moves

Get your heart rate up and moving.

Jumping Jacks – Stand up straight, arms on the sides and legs together. Bend knees and jump, spreading the legs to shoulder width and stretching arms above the head. Continue for a minute.

Burpees – This exercise with the funny name is done in three parts – the first part is a push up followed by a squat and then a jump. Start with 10 burpees and move on to do more. Do it as fast as you can.

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Upper Body Moves

Push-ups – There are several kinds of push-ups, the hardest being the one on the floor. If you are a beginner, start with the wall push up. The wall push up is where you stand, palms touching the wall and at an arm’s length. Take a deep breath, push your upper body towards the wall, bending the elbows, and stay in place for a couple of seconds. Breathe out and move your upper body back

Other variations include the one-handed wall push up, seated push up, kneeling push-up, and finally the standard push up. The most challenging one is the incline push up. There are several modifications, but you need to be in good form to try all those variations and modifications. For starters, do the wall push-ups.

Dips – You will need a straight-back no-nonsense chair for this workout. Sit on it with your back straight, hold the edge, moving the butt forward till it is in the air. Drop your hips to the floor, still holding the chair. It is a kind of squat with the help of a chair. Do two sets of 10.

Dead Lifts – You will need dumbbells or two bottles of water for this. Place the dumbbells or the water-filled bottles on the floor. Stand with back straight, feet apart, and knees bent slightly. With your back still straight, pick up the dumbbells and get back up straight, knees straightened. Repeat this 20 times. But don’t hurry, or you’ll hurt your back.

Add Spice To Your Workout

These basic exercises will help your body immensely but don’t stop at these. When you are able to do these easily, challenge yourself with more. Add more reps or weights and increase the duration. Work up a sweat, set up a timer instead of reps, and challenge yourself by completing a move within a set time.

Author’s Bio:

Nidhi Khurana is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves to write. Started as a pastime, writing became her passion and now she dabbles between lifestyle and travel writing. She is a blogger at 365 Gorgeous, a blog dedicated to keeping you gorgeous, always. It is a one-stop solution for all your beauty, skincare, and hair care needs.


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