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FDCI India Couture Week 2022

The Fashion Design Council of India celebrated 15 years of its event India Couture Week with a multi-designer physical event in New Delhi.

DOLLY J Collection In Association with Lotus Make-up

Dolly J presented her latest collection at FDCI India Couture Week 2022. The collection was inspired by the serene fluidity which lies within the heart of Jazz. Meraki signifying the deep soulfulness leaves one a piece of oneself in what he does is inspired by the depth of tranquility within art, and tranquility that leads to future growth and progress.

The world always moves with undisturbed linearity, and the music stands as a wrinkle in time, transformative and yet persistent. The collection reflected the improvised harmonies of jazz, the vibrations of which make the listener indulge in calmness, complexities which inspire ponderings. With golden hues, fluid textures, and dramatic cascades spangled with motifs of change, Meraki is a tribute to the period of introspection which lies at the heart of creation.

Aulerth Launches the ‘PAKEEZAH’ Collection Designed by Suneet Varma

The ‘Pakeezah’ collection – Suneet Varma’s second jewelry line for Aulerth was launched recently at the FDCI Indian Couture Week 2022 in Taj Palace, New Delhi.

Mughal art forms and architectural finer nuances are very artistically depicted in the ‘Pakeezah’ collection. Each jewel immortalising royalty celebrates an outburst of rich jewel-toned stonework intricately put together with traditional meenakari work.

Suneet Varma is one of Aulerth’s first design partners, and in this collection, his fashion sensibilities revolve around memorializing glamour and timeless style. And his acumen has beautifully surfaced in his latest jewelry line for Aulerth – the ‘Pakeezah’ collection. In this collection, he displays a royal interplay of rich-colored stones juxtaposed with immaculate meenakari work.

The current collection shows Varma’s fondness for eternal pieces of jewelry, and his admiration for the Mughal era’s karigari, architecture, inlay work, engraving, geometric patterns, and unique ways of using colors and stones.

Talking about the ‘Pakeezah’ collection, Mr. Suneet Varma said, “The ‘Pakeezah’ collection captures finer nuances of Mughal art forms and architecture. The collection draws inspiration from the design language of the Mughal architecture and the Mughal empire. The meticulous detailing, motifs, jewel-toned stonework, and the overall design essence of the collection will spark joy in the hearts of every wearer.”

Mr. Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder & CEO, Aulerth, adds “We are very excited to launch a new collection with Suneet Varma, for Aulerth. The aesthetic inspiration is the Mughal legacy. This collection is special as it is a fusion of rich Indian traditional techniques laden with an abundance of meticulous craftsmanship, in the Aulerth conscious and mindful ideology. There is a discernible layer of sensuality with the vivid colors reminiscent of a peacock’s dance early morning to woo its partner during the monsoon season.”

Suneet Varma Couture 2022 In Association with Lotus Make-up

Suneet Varma presented his Couture Collection ” Sitara ” recently at FDCI India Couture Week 2022. The collection, a modern and Theatrical representation of the modern Indian woman who lives in the today showcases a mix of Traditional Motifs with Abstract artworks enhanced by the age-old Crafts of India that makes for a Perfect – Feminine, Romantic and Modern Woman. The collection embraces the romance of traditional Indian couture, a sixth sense of seduction. It has its own vocabulary and language, like an elaborate braid entwined with history, myth, and tradition. On the line of styles of Varma, the current collection is also modern, Whimsical, or demure and is magnificent and carefully crafted.


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