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Getting rejuvenated at Aahana, The Corbett Wilderness



Aahana, The Corbett Wilderness Resort is a peaceful, super luxurious, and relaxing natural retreat in Uttarakhand in the Corbett Tiger Reserve vicinity.  Aahana is located at Sawaldeh village in Ram Nagar and is at an approximate distance of 260 km from New Delhi. The resort is spread over an area of 11 acres and shares its boundary with the northeastern periphery of Corbett.

Aahana is also a combination of wellness activities – naturopathy, ayurvedic therapies, organic farming, yoga, etc. which are available for the traveler coming here for recreation and cure. They provide various kinds of treatments in traditional ways. An extremely motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensures the highest levels of quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern-day maladies like stress, obesity, weight loss, and hair loss.


We were at Aahana for two days. Having driven straight for about 7 hours, my body wanted some pampering, and I did get some at the Naturopathy center.

I met the doctors at the center and after consultations,  I was advised to have Abhyangam, a Face pack, and Potli massage for my lower back problems. I moved to the prescribed room, and immediately I was made to lie down on the massage bed. An herbal face pack was applied to my face and two expert hands now started applying warm medicated oil to my entire body along with rhythmic strokes for the next 30 minutes then I went in to experience the Potli massage treatment for my back.


After the entire treatment, I felt fully rejuvenated. It was a fantabulous experience. The rest of the day I felt fully freshened and full of new energy.

The next morning too, we spent time at the world-class Nathuropathy center and indulged in a session of beginners’ yoga. Before this session, we also experienced the Yogic Satkarma kriyas of Hath Yoga. We practiced the Jala-Neti and Chakshu kriya (eye wash). Jala Neti is a yogic kriya to clean one’s sinuses. The kriya benefits (Nasal Cleaning) cures sinusitis, snoring, asthma, headache, hay fever, depression, etc.


Apart from the treatments, the docs here have designed innumerable healthy innovative food recipes. Hemoglobin Laddooss (Laddoos made with Beet Root, nuts, and honey) was one of these. I loved this grated beetroot, honey, and nuts laddoo for the crunchiness, and taste, and above all, it surely was a healthy alternative to regular desserts. The Buransh juice made with Rhododendron flowers was another amazing health drink that we tasted at Aahana.

Our stay at Aahana was truly a memorable one, I thoroughly loved it. The memories of hospitality, facilities which included the rooms, therapies at the Naturopathy center, and the sumptuous food that we had while at Aahana were super duper and will surely stay with us forever.

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