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Gur Chini – The final stopover for exotic desserts

When it comes to Desserts – what comes first in our minds? SWEET, SUGARY taste – right folks…Sugar i.e. Chini plays a big role in making the desserts lovable.

But Sugar is not the only ingredient that can make a dessert lovable. There are others like Gur (jiggery), Honey, Stevia Plant, Dates, sweeteners like Khadrawi, Kustaw, Deglet Noor, Medjool which provide sweetness to our favourite desserts.

And these ingredients have been very effectively used by the chefs at the newly opened Dessert store, Gur Chini by LCF at Chattarpur, New Delhi. They make special luxurious sweets with a special variety of organic ingredients to sweeten the sweets which gives you a heavenly feeling when you relish them. Furthermore they are very healthy too.

Without using the normal sulphur based sugar, they use various types of honey- Manuka, Buckwheat, Garchia, and Rosemary, and an exclusive range of ‘Jaggery’, such as Sugarcane, Palmyra, Date Palm, and Nelon. Low Sugar and No Sugar collection is also made using brown sugar and sugar-free sweeteners.

Gur Chini makes the choicest of Indian sweets keeping it natural and real which are totally healthy to indulge your sweet tooth in. At present they are offering around 20 varieties of these exotic desserts in form of laddoos and barfis which are good, pure, and healthy. Each and every piece is full of its own unique flavour of pure Desi Ghee, rich dry fruits and flavours of saffron, bubblegum, kewra etc.

I love sweets and Bengali sweets made with Gur are one of my weakness. So it was a feast time when we visited the dessert store. We tried Kheera seed Burfi, Wild Rose petal gulukand Ladoo, Besan caramel Chocolate laddo, pistachio delight and the Khoya laddo with dry fruit fillings. I loved the unique taste of Kheera seeds in the barfi.

I loved the Khoya laddoo too, and would like to add that it appeared like a normal khoya laddoo available at most of the brands, and I thought what is this doing here? But when I took a bite – I noticed the difference. The saffron content and kewra flavour instantly hit my taste buds and it really was a divine feeling.

Moreover for the youth of today who loves fusion food, the chefs have entwined authenticity with modern day in their delicacies which will make Gur Chini the most sought after Indian Sweets brand.

Gur Chini presents all these super delicious ladoos in the designer gift boxes, which makes them an excellent luxury gift option for corporate, weddings and events.

FYI – The recent wedding in the richest family of the country – The Ambanis have also served the delicacies of Gur Chini and served and gifted them the ceremonies.


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