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Bananas Herbs & Spices Tea concoction

Bananas Herbs & Spices Tea concoction

Immunity Drink @Banaras Herbs & Spices Tea concoction

Varanasi or Banaras, the holiest city in the world is linked with nirvana, immortality, heritage, riches of the culture, art, and holistic life experiences since the inception of the human civilisation.

And when a product is made and marketed by the holy name, the values too are the essence of the same element and parallel to its name. Yes, it’s true for Banaras Herbs & Spices Tea concoction, one of Banaras Organique Pvt. Ltd.’s products, which they have designed to provide unique unmatched rich flavour, aroma and various linked health benefits to sincerely add joy in the routine through determined inclusion into usual Indian foods and drinks.

This Tea concoction is a vegetarian product and is a blend of 11 significant herbs & spices namely, Tulsi, Cinnamon, Green cardamom, Black pepper, Clove, Dried ginger, Long pepper, black cardamom, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Lemongrass in a very distinctive proportion to ensure a rich and balanced taste to your chai or tea. Rich in antioxidants, this can be added to milk, Kheer, or also can be used as kadha. During this ongoing Pandemic crisis, this concoction is a must to ensure 100% immunity against COVID-19.

Just add a pinch of this 100% natural concoction mix to your cup of tea, milk and you have a tasty drink with rich flavors ready in less than a minute.

The tea concoction comes in a re-useable food-grade premium glass jar and is good for adding flavour to 1500 cups.

Banaras Organique Pvt. Ltd., spoke to team Exablogs, “We encourage the inclusion of cultured and conducive blends in our routine foods and beverages. Our dexterity in quality control during the manufacturing process and flavour detailing make the product stand unique in a way to ensure a holistic experience. Bananas Herbs & Spices Tea concoction is a conscious blend of 11 significant herbs/spices in a very distinctive proportion to ensure a rich and balanced taste primarily for your frothy chai-tea experience, just by adding a pinch or two while it’s making. It naturally supports our immune system against sudden changes in weather leading to cold, cough, cases of flu and sore throat, etc. and recharges our ethos.”

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