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Kabir- Antarman ki Awaaz – A musical enlightening journey

The couplets of saint Kabir has been enlightening the world for ages now. And when these couplets are composed in musicals, the effect multiplies many times and spreads the preaching all over.

Recently such a musical event, Kabir- Antarman ki Awaaz; a musical enlightening journey by Vidhi Sharma was held at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre. The musical journey lead everyone to the pathways of the Supreme Power that resides in all of us. The musical had myriad emotions that aesthetically showcased love, faith and truth through a collection of ten Kabir couplets and songs composed in different styles of Indian music. The selected bhajans included both popular and rare gems from Kabir’s collection that were composed in various genres.

The musical started with a vocal narration about Kabir and preceded every song explaining the thought behind that song. Kabir poetry was sung live by Vidhi Sharma to the music composed by Pt. Ajay Prasanna and accompanied with dance choreography by Maitreyee Pahari. All these artistic elements put together made “Kabir- Antarman ki Awaaz” what it sounds, looks and means. These artistic and aesthetical elements were incorporated in order to drench the audience with vibrant colors of music, literature, dance and visuals. A musical, spiritual and literary treat, “Kabir- Antarman ki Awaaz” was a complete journey for the audience of all generations, for people from all walks of life.

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