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McDonald’s ‘Chili’ burgers and ‘Orange Fizz’

We all are passing through the deadliest pandemic that has hit the world after the 1918-1920 H1N1 Spanish Flu. Everyone was locked down and had to give away outside dining for almost 100 plus days now. Only when the lockdown was relaxed a few days back, everyone got a chance to satiate their spicy food taste buds.

McDonald’s too re-opened their outlets following all the safety norms like contactless delivery with social distancing. To welcome the new-normal life, they introduced the need of the times – two new burgers for its fans in North and East India along with a new, tangy and refreshing beverage, Orange Fizz which has flavors of Mandarin and a hint of Red Chili to beat the heat the summer.

And, I being a big foodie immediately ordered my combo of burgers and the fizzy drink. Yes, dear, ordered home delivery, because I am still maintaining my WFH norms. And I was happy to have ordered for home delivery because I knew that McDonald’s delivery riders will be following the company’s core commitments of quality, service and cleanliness, which have become even more relevant in these challenging times. The delivery boy came with all protections, wearing masks and gloves and ensured the contactless delivery.

Here’s what I thought of the burger and the beverage…

The new burgers are priced reasonably from Rs 59/- onwards excluding applicable taxes, and along with the drink for the promotion period is part of an all-day menu, available through delivery and takeaway counters from select restaurants in North and East of India.

The Chili Veg burger consists of a delicious vegetable patty made with an assortment of vegetables – carrot, peas, French beans, potato and cabbage. The Chili Non-Veg burger features a sumptuous grilled chicken patty cooked with garlic, green and capsicum.

The patties in both the burgers are spiced up with a hot chili sauce made with red chilies, tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar, then drizzled with shredded onions and packed in a lightly toasted bun. Both the burgers are also available with a choice of adding an extra patty to ‘double-up the taste’.

How it Tastes

I tried the veggie version and a glass of Orange Fizz. I felt that the construction of the burger was unlike other veggie burgers of McDonald’s; this one has more variety of vegetables mixed in there, making it lip-smacking.

The main feature of this burger is the sauce. This sauce, a hot chili sauce made with red chilies, tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar adds to the chili nature of the burger. The chili flavour is not too strong but you can still feel the spices. This burger is one of the best that McDonald’s has come out in recent times. It’s in fact a great meal which doesn’t overpower your palate. I loved the taste and actually am longing to taste.

The new drink is also quite refreshing; the tangy Orange Fizz coming with flavours of mandarin and a hint of red chili is just the perfect beverage to beat the summer heat that we are going through in Delhi nowadays.

I hope this red chili scares away the Corona too.

And as they say at McDonald’s – I am Absolutely lovin’ it!

McDonald’s India North and East of India are operated by Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. McDonald’s is committed to delivering the highest quality restaurant experience to its customers. With a customer-centric approach, McDonald’s operates through a variety of formats and brand extensions including standalone restaurants, Drive-thru’s, 24/7 restaurants, McDelivery for customer convenience and experience.

During these pandemic affected times, McDonald’s has introduced nearly 50-plus process changes to ensure a safe dine-in, delivery and take away experience to its customers. Thermal screening of employees, delivery riders, visitors as well as customers is part of the new norms. Also, anyone with high temperature or flu-like symptoms or not wearing masks is allowed to enter the premises, as per the Government’s guidelines.


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