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Modi ji ki 56 inch wali Bahubali Thali at Ardor 2.1

Ardor 2.1 has been on my wish list for long because of its signature thali which they have named as Modi ji ki 56 inch wali Bahubali Thali.  We finally were able to visit and taste the amazing thali at the restaurant which is very beautifully designed and is spread over two floors. The moment you enter,  the décor elements catch your eyes. The seating arrangement is nice, comfortable and cosy. I instantly liked the funny photo frames on the walls, and also the frames featuring pics of celebrities.

The restaurant is located in the most happening area of central Delhi, Rajiv Chowk. They don’t serve the amazing thali only; they have a full fledged menu which features exotic and tasty North Indian food. The menu is full of tempting options and the staff is also always there to help you choose.

Well, we were here to indulge in the wondrous Thali, so without wasting much time we ordered the vegetarian version. It normally takes one hour for them to prepare and arrange the thali, so we ordered a few drinks – cold coffee and shakes from their drinks menu.

They have recently launched their Bahubali avatar in the drinks section too; The Bahubali pitcher. This lets you order three separate drinks, mostly cocktails though. But on our request they were accommodative and filled up the pitcher Gada with mocktails .

Finally the much awaited moment arrived and we saw our order of Bahubali Thali arriving on your table. I was happy to see the thali but also felt pity for the server who was bringing it for us. The stress on his face was very clear as he was trying to hold the heavy thali and place it on our table. A helping hand from me enabled him to place the thali on our table straight.

Wow, the thali was huge; I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Earlier I have seen such a huge thali with more than 30 dishes in pictures only. For me a thali with 10 dishes is difficult to finish, and this one had 32. This thali I guess would have been enough for even 6 guys. But we were only three on the table and I was worried that we will be wasting a lot of food.

Anyways, I felt like a Maharaja on the table – staring at the Shahi thali and the inviting dishes in it. Though we had ordered a veggie thali – they have a non-veggie thali too. Our thali included Starters like Malai paneer, Paneer tikka, Veg kabab and main course like dal makhni, rajma and 8 other types, 1 rice bowl, 1 biryani bowl, Salad, Papad, 3types of breads- Missi Roti,Butter Roti and Butter Naan, Mint Chutney, Soup, Rooh Afza, Jaljeera, Curd, Raita and also everyone’s favourite Gulab Jamun.

And then they told me re-fills are also available. C’mon man, it was going to be impossible for us to finish this serving – forget about re-fills.

The presentation was impressive and the food super tasty. We loved tasting each dish from the thali and in the end were really happy to have come here but unhappy to have wasted so much food that remained in the thali.

But when the manager told us not to worry as they have arrangements with an agency who comes and picks up the remaining food for distribution to the needy at the Hanuman Temple in Rajiv chowk. This soothed me a little and we came out fully delighted.

We have had a wonderful experience and recommend Ardor 2.1 to every food lover. Every food lover should come here and experience the food, drinks and hospitality by Team Ardor 2.1

Address: Ardor 2.1, N-55/56 & 88/89, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost for four : INR approx 2600/ –




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