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Nature’s Art thru my Cameras

While on a holiday, do you remember seeing figures in hills at night? Or does a flower remind you of a reptile or an animal?

Well, I am sure everyone gets these strange but amazing visuals at times. You must have tried to capture these on your camera too. Yes, a camera and its lenses can capture images that seem fantastic and like a painter’s frame.

Picture 483
Picture 364
Picture 129
Picture 286

One snow-covered mountain may look like a fighter plane’s cockpit while another may appear like the Hindu symbol “OHM”, as with the OHM Parvat. The golden-edged clouds floating past a setting sun, a dark granite rock with traces of golden dust, and a cheerful little rivulet may make masterpieces in print. While brilliant pieces of flowers can come in the shape of a deadly Cobra snake ready to attack or a Bird of Paradise in all its resplendent beauty. As nature mixes with imagination all these images come real.

Picture 492
Picture 488
Picture 287
Picture 056

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