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Non Resident Idiot

I recently read a short, sweet and amazing book titled Non Resident Idiot. Ohh, yes guys, its Idiot and not Indian. The book grasped all my thoughts and I was practically cut off from world till I finished reading it. While reading the book I got transported to my life as a youth in college with high dreams. It was as if it was a narration of my life itself – in fact it could have been the life of almost every second person I have met in life till now.

NRI definitely is a great narration of a true to life story and I need to applaud the authors – two of them, Surya Rai & Poonam Gaur. The book gives some deep messages for those who are keen to bring about changes in the society.

Moujee is the youthful central character of the book and his high spirited life with a purpose is very aptly summed up. The plot is set in modern-day India and draws comparison between the paradoxes of rural and modern India as Moujee grows. His exciting journey to become a NRI through his childhood, campus life is full of twists. The story takes an interesting turn when his ex-girlfriend takes on the influential TV media, pitching him as commoner against the mighty industrialists in a campaign for a celebrated title. His life is full of inspiration, conflicts, dilemmas as he stands up for honesty, friendship, loyalty and Purpose.

To sum it up, its an appealing storyline which directly or indirectly is a story of all of us, all Indians Residents or Non Residents. It certainly is a good read and you must go through it and be different.

Again to end it I certainly will quote which always used to sound in Moujee’ mind thereby making him feel the presence of Bodha.

“Your life has purpose.

Your story is important.

Your dreams count.

Your voice matters.

You were born to make an impact.”

Authors of Non Resident Idiot

Poonam Gaur is a director at Opera Media and Recreations Private Ltd, and lives in Sydney, Australia. Poonam brilliantly touches upon many contemporary isses facing modern India, sensitizing the readers and exploring solutions.

Surya Rai is an XLRI alumnus and a senior executive with a U.S. MNC and his passion for transforming India is intensely reflected in this work. He has used his experiences effectively to provide readers with a realistic and good mix of contemporary and diverse characters with life-changing events.


P.S.:  “Non Resident Idiot” a fiction book is now available globally on Amazon.


1 thought on “Non Resident Idiot

  1. Thankyou so much for the overwhelming feedback, I feel honoured and humbled .
    For the success of any project , reviewers are an essential part . Thankyou so much for assessing the script deeply And sharing back . I appreciate the time you have taken out for reading and reviewing The Non Resident Idiot.
    Poonam Gaur

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