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Kylin Express

Kylin Express

Pan-Asian cuisine at its finest @ Kylin Experience, Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

Delicious and healthy food has the power to transform, stimulate and make us happy. But the pandemic stopped us from venturing out and limited our choices of relishing our favourite cuisines. Thankfully, the pandemic is ceasing a bit now and most of the eateries are opening up to bring back the good times.

Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

The restaurant serving the finest Pan-Asian cuisine in East Delhi, Kylin Experience at Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar also recently reopened with a revamped menu with some exotic dishes on offer to satiate the hunger pangs of Asian food lovers.

The restaurant

Serving Japanese, Chinese, Asian, and Thai cuisines, Kylin Experience with its plush interiors is known for warm and attentive service, live kitchen, amazing hospitality, wonderful ambience and its extensive variety of Dimsums, Sushi, Noodles, live Teppanyaki grill and much more.

The sophisticated yet relaxed lounge atmosphere featuring live music on weekends makes it an inspiring and exciting gastronomic experience. In the new version, everything at Kylin Experience – from the music to the décor to the service is top-notch. The exotic selection of Mocktails and Cocktails also adds to a great soul-satisfying meal.

While Kylin’s previous menu itself was elaborate, the expert team of chefs has now drafted it intelligently to take their food game a notch higher. Sushi Platter to Hot Pot Soups and delicious array of desserts – they have all here.

The hotel normally has many in-house guests who are from China, Japan and Taiwan. Hence, in the evenings from 7 pm onwards, it is usually crowded with a mix of customers: Chinese corporate, families, single ladies, businessmen and others.

The food

We were served exotic and authentic oriental delicacies. Starting our evening with a Peach Mojito, we enjoyed some feet tapping songs from the yesteryears by live singers, and munched on a plate of Leek & Mushroom Skewers in Spicy Basil Sauce.

Leek & Mushroom Skewers in Spicy Basil Sauce
Leek & Mushroom Skewers in Spicy Basil Sauce

Spicy Avocado Roll from the Sushi section followed – it was heart-healthy and addictive. The culinary innovation of Exec Chef Siddharth Sharma with the sushi made it crunchy, and the taste was quite amazing. Siddharth has added new dishes to the menu, and focus has been given to the presentation of the various delicacies.

Chilli Cheese Gyoza Dimsum
Chilli Cheese Gyoza Dimsum

In dimsums, there’s nothing that Chefs at Kylin Express can go wrong with, and I highly recommend Crispy Chilli Cheese Gyoza Dimsum.

All this time, Chef Siddharth Sharma was with us and briefed us about the cuisine. We are vegetarians; hence he suggested dishes including soup, sushi platter, starters, main course, and desserts in the vegetarian category.

Spicy Avocado Roll - sushi
Spicy Avocado Roll

We already have tasted appetisers, sushi, and dimsums, so he suggested Kylin Special Tom Yum soup – VEG. It’s a hot and sour Thai soup, and we loved the spicy and sour taste. The words “tom yum” are derived from two Thai words. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yum/yam means ‘mixed’.  The soup with exquisite lemongrass and kaffir lime leave flavours was savoury, and tasted exquisite. The addition of tofu, Chinese cabbage, button mushrooms, carrot and glass noodles made this soup super-comforting. I loved the soup more because of its balanced flavours.

Kylin Special Tom Yum soup VEG
Kylin Special Tom Yum soup

Moving on to the main course section, we tried the veggie Hot Stone Bowl Tofu, and Thai Red Curry and boiled rice. If given a choice, my pick in the mains section would be Hot Stone Bowl Tofu, served with rice, for its flavours and taste that impressed us on so many levels.

Hot Stone Bowl Tofu Veg
Hot Stone Bowl Tofu
Thai Red Curry and rice
Thai Red Curry and rice

Moving on to my favourite section of a meal – Desserts, I was unable to resist the sugar-free eggless Basil & Pista Mahalabia, an oriental twist to a middle-eastern milk-based dessert. It’s a pudding made with milk, rice flour, sugar, and flavoured with basil water and garnished with loads of nuts and pistas. Just a word of caution though – the taste might be slightly bland in the beginning, so go for it only if you can acquire a taste for it.

Basil & Pista Mahalabia
Basil & Pista Mahalabia

Alternatively, like my colleague, you can try the Thai classic dessert – Tub Tim Grob, one of the best known Thai desserts, made of pinkish jewels of water chestnuts served with sweet coconut milk and shaved ice.

Thai classic Tub Tim Grob
Thai classic Tub Tim Grob


At Kylin Experience, the oriental food gets a new definition. Soups, appetisers, veggies and various kinds of seafood and meat tossed up with excellent curries are some of the highlights of the elaborate menu. The best thing about the dishes at Kylin Experience is that it serves dishes which have the very traditional and authentic taste and are not like the oriental food that we are normally accustomed to, I mean the Desi Asian flavours, aptly called ‘Chindian cuisine.’

The bottom line

The restaurant also follows proper safety protocols under the initiative of IHG Clean Promise by the IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Meal for two costs INR 1800/- plus taxes (without alcohol).

Décor 4/5      Ambiance 4.5/5      Food 5/5           Drinks 4.5/5

Cuisines: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian

Pics: Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are based entirely on our personal experience during our visit to taste.

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