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PINK LOTUS- SUNFLOWER DAY CREAM from Shahnaz Husain Flower Botanics Range

Who does not know the name Shahnaz Hussain. The brand is synonymous with beauty and beauty products made with the ancient formulas of Ayurveda and its herbs. Combining the ancient years of knowledge with the latest technology, the products give some of the most effective natural treatments ever. Having opened her first herbal clinic in 1971, Shahnaz Husain has formulated therapeutic products for specific skin and hair problems, as well as premium ranges for skin care, such as 24 Carat Gold, Oxygen, Diamond, Pearl, Plant Stem Cells etc.

Shahnaz Husain’s Flower Botanics Range is the latest introduction by the group. The formulations for beauty care come straight from nature’s paradise of exotic flora. The formulations contain floral and herbal extracts, essential oils and natural substances, known for their beauty enhancing properties. Flowers, with their subtle aromas, not only nourish, protect and restore natural beauty, but the fragrances of their essential oils have calming, relaxing and refreshing effects on body and mind.

The ultimate in beauty care and offering a new level of botanical energy, the formulations contain delicate blends of floral extracts of jasmine, lotus, hibiscus, carnation, white water lily, sunflower, poppy and lavender, perfectly combined with extracts like saffron and thyme. The range comprises of face wash, moisturizer, day cream, nourishing cream, face mask, hair styling gel, hair conditioning lotion and packs.

Our team recently received a sample of the Pink Lotus–Sunflower Day Cream. Here’s what we feel:

Product information as per the Brand:

Containing plant ingredients and flower extracts, it is an ideal day cream and helps to protect the skin from environmental effects. Suited to all skin types, is prevents moisture loss and makes the skin look smooth and youthful

Directions for Use:  Apply on face during the day and leave on. Can also be combined with White Water Lily – Jasmine Moisturizer and used as a protective day cream.

What we found:  

The cream has great flowery scent and a lovely pinkish texture, and is a light cream. It very well suited my complexion; I was pleased to see that immediately after application my skin looked visibly plumped. It was nice to apply this floral scented cream across my face, and neck. The floral formulations helped my skin retain the shine. The cream is not greasy and absorbed in quickly in my skin and above all it is fully natural. For an climate of Delhi – totally unsuitable for my kind of skin, this cream did wonders with its hydrating action.

For me, I absolutely adored this cream for its floral fragrance, silky, lightweight texture that felt like cool water when I applied it. The best thing other than leaving my skin shining, I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous floral scent.

So, girls, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go out and add this wonderful herbal beauty product to your collection. You can buy it from at a price of Rs.975 for 40 gms.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are by Ms Sheela on our team, and are based on actually using the cream for about 10 days. Actual experience might depend on the person’s own skin type etc.



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