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PLANART – a vision to create “cultural enlightenment” through art

Recently an Art Show was organised in New Delhi at the Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate by Ms. Priyanka Chhabra. The show which was inaugurated on 1th August continued till 19th August, 2018. The show was organised in conjuction with KHUSHII NGO and Priyanka. Khushii is a NGO which is working towards providing education to the underpriviledged children. Priyanka has volunteered with KHUSHII NGO for several years, supporting art events that were used as fund-raising for Khushii’s activities. With the experience behind these art events, she felt an urge for art and then Priyanka decided to launch PlanArt to hold group shows and promote scintillating artworks.

The exhibition of art was a mix of “distinguished” and “emerging artists”, including differently-able artists. The works included canvases, sculptures and installations. Some of the artists, whose work will be displayed, include: Krishen Khanna, Satish Gupta, Bose Krishnamachari, Maya Burman, Shubhra Das, George Martin, Nupur Kundu, Madhuri Bhadhuri, Jagannath Paul, Vijay Sharma, Sohan Jhakkar.

Priyanka Chhabra says, “Art has always fascinated me. Art has always brought a smile to my face. With the help of Khushii who has curated most of the art for me I was able to fulfil this dream – Planart. Over the next few years I would like to bring forward all forms of art…May it be canvases, May it be clothes, May it be ceramics, May it be sculptures, and any other facets of art in different forms n shape. I hope I will be able to bring some of the most exclusive pieces of the country for your viewing, and offer you all Art that can hold a position of pride in your home.”

The guest spotted at the event were Mr. Gautam Chhabra, Mr. Gaurav Grover and Mrs. Palka Grover, Mr. Raghav Narula and Ms. Amanpreet Wahi, Ms. Meenakshi  Dutt & Mr. Umesh Dutt, Mr. Amit Ranchal & Mrs. Alma Ranchal, Dr. Praveen kumar… to name a few.

PLANART is a platform for like-minded people to meet and explore art not just from a typical “art history” or “art interpretation” aspect, but from a more relatable perspective. Over the next year, PlanArt is looking forward to hosting a series of art appreciation meet-ups, through the PlanArt club’s coffee mornings, hi-teas, events & showcases. These meet-ups will also give people an opportunity to meet experts and art critics who will add perspectives and insights to these sessions.


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