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Promoting Food Tourism in Jaipur

The current scenario in the culinary world with new eateries getting launched every few days is making a foodie even in 2 tier cities confused. This leaves you unsure of dependable food quality, but it still gives you a chance to explore more. Recently during our trip to Jaipur, we visited such an eatery, Rustic by OTH and met the owner, a food entrepreneur, Mr Dushyant Singh. Dushyant loves to experiment with his drinks, especially coffee at his outlets. He talked about the current trends in food circles in Jaipur and also about the International food festival, Gourmet Getaway 2019, one of the best food festivals in Jaipur, which he himself was organising.

At “Rustic” by OTH at Malviya Nagar we loved the well-lit contemporary interior primarily in blue and brown shades with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating space. The menu offered a mix of everything from Mediterranean, South Indian, Mughlai, Asian like Burmese, North Indian cuisines among others. Dushyant briefed us about his venture and the varieties of dishes that he serves at Rustic. But we were more interested in his special preparations of coffees and also eager to learn more about Gourmet Getaway 2019.

Dushyant briefed us about the food festival as we sipped his signature creations, namely Vietnamese styled cold coffee, which was double espresso poured over condensed milk topped with crumbled ice and Deconstructed iced coffee, which was a shot of espresso with milk, coffee, ice cube and condensed milk with a choice of the ice cubes between Madagascar vanilla or Turkish Qawah grounds.

Dushyant said, “Jaipur has been luring tourists for its culture and colourful food. And through the food fest, he was aiming to make Jaipur, a land of venerable dishes a must on the lists of a foodie tourist”. He invited us to experience this culinary pilgrimage, an International Festival – the Gourmet Getaway Food Festival as we were already at the pink city of Rajasthan. And we happily accepted and attended the fest for two days (out of five).

The aim of Gourmet Getaway, a culinary affair where food connoisseurs gathered to celebrate their love and passion for sizzling delicacies from around the world, was to create a world-class experience that will revolutionize the food industry in Rajasthan. With this International Food Festival, team Gourmet Getaway aspires to mark Rajasthan as an exquisite gastronomic destination on the world map.

The Festival in its third season was held from 9th October to 13th October 2019. Sun-downer, a gala evening held on the penultimate day saw live food demonstrations by renowned International and National Chefs showcasing their Hand Made Wonderful Delicacies at Nand Mahal Fort, Jaipur.

The third edition of the festival was bigger than the earlier seasons and the theme this year was ‘lost recipes and sustainability’. The event featured lavish delicacies from around the world, live food stations, cooking workshops/master classes, zero waste kitchen, coffee experience, exclusive dining experiences, panel discussion and a lot more and gave an opportunity to get on a journey to explore the forgotten world of lost recipes.

The sessions included talks about the recipes which were used earlier but are not in practice anymore, master classes on Sustainability and zero waste kitchens. A Panel discussion on “Challenges in balancing quality & sustainability in the Food industry in Modern times” with renowned Chefs like Chef Manjit Gill, Chef Sudhir Sibal, Dr. Ashish Chopra, Chef Parul Kapoor, and Chef Rishi Agarwal was also held during the event. The festival conculded at Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur, where Chef Prasad Metrani hosted a Community Table at Zarin restaurant featuring lost recipes from India.

Oh, folks, I totally forgot to tell you about what we relished at Rustic by OTH. Well, in the food section, we feasted on a variety including Vegetable Korma with Malabari parantha, Chef’s special – Hari Mirch ka chicken with lacha parantha, Tar gosht with bajre ki roti, Lebanese Naan  – crispy naan served with hummus, falafel, and Prawn Posto Cury with steam rice.

And to end up my meals, as usual it was time to for a chocolate lover like me to feast on Eclairs, French desert oblong pastry piped with a creamy flavoured filling which surely was one of the most delicious chocolate desserts that I have ever tried; It really was sinful.



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