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Re-usability of Knowledge

Well, I do. I call myself a veteran as far as my education days are concerned. It was the PRE-internet age when I finished my college and university. I used to put in tones of midnight oil while finishing my seminar reports or project reports. The whole night used to pass off in libraries.

I did share my thesis work and other reports with my alma mater and I was so happy when my project guide from the eighties of the last century once told me that your project report is still being used as an example to today’s students who just copy and paste after googleing. But this is just a rare example, not everyone does that. The hard labour put in usually goes to waste after the exams are over. There content is never used again.

The major issue that subsists since those times for which we have no answers for is, Reusability; reusability of knowledge. And this issue of reusability is a big problem in the Education sector. Ample amount of knowledge is created in schools, self helps, colleges, universities, etc, but least importance is given to the knowledge reusability. In a particular year, a lot of content is generated and most of it gets lost or go undiscovered with a minimal usage. Enormous energy is expended on virgin resources to re-generate the redundant content again and again.

A need was felt for finding a way to reuse the knowledge; making it always accessible, always available at ones disposal, retaining its premium value to the one in need. Doing this, we would be able to save so many resources both tangible and intangible. Also we could look towards a greener world, with reduced paper wastage following low redundancy and high productivity.

During my student life I always used to long for readily available information and thesis contents. Even today the info, though readily is available on browsers and other digital platforms still lacks in good content; there still is a need of a platform which can provide authentic research work documents and other data at a single place.

Here founded by Himanshu Arya Rawat comes into picture. Himanshu started which is the world’s first crowd-sourced knowledge repository where knowledge is created, edited and managed by its community of users.

Students, teachers, corporate, anyone with an area of expertise publish their knowledge on this platform. The knowledge is in the form of plain attachments or a well informed article. This is a self sustained community where in you can find anything about everything shared by someone like you.

On, the users can share informative articles or academic work like lecture notes, reports, presentations, project work, images, etc. in multiple formats such as PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, just to name a few and directly upload content from their computer or share through Google drive.

But doing this was like chasing the utopian dream. A huge gap was discovered, an absence of a platform where the students and educational institutions can effectively organize and share their content online.  Most of the digital learning content during one’s student life is kept unorganized, stored in overlooked folders of Google drive or of the PC’s, with no certain reusability and continuance. Correspondingly, with n number of organizations/ institutes in existence it becomes impossible to track the websites and the knowledge generated on them. There exists no designated centralized location over the internet where the learning content could be easily stored and distinguished. aims to be the centralized repository where an individual with his/her personalized knowledge repository, can regularly upload his/her content online, keeping it assembled at one place, sorted; easily accessible at the time of need and also discoverable to thousands as per their requirements. At Viden, the user also gets a chance to showcase his/her life’s work to millions of people online, getting recognition and appreciation in return for the knowledge he/she has created.

Viden’s Achievements:

  1. Have 10000+ registered users with 5000+ Knowledges created within 6 months of operations and continuously gaining traction
  2. Presence across India’s premier Business Schools like IIMs, XLRI, MDI, NMIMS, NITIE, etc and technological institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, BITS Pilani, IIT Mandi, etc.
  3. Presence in 50+ grad institutions in India including DU, IPU, SRM, Amity etc
  4. Acceptance by the youtube knowledge community. Youtubers use to share supplementary content with their viewers. They post the content on in form of attachments and share the link in their YouTube description as an extension to their tutorials
  5. Collaboration with University of Patanjali to disseminate Yoga science and ayurvedic knowledge across the globe. Being the first university to be provided with an official organization page for verified knowledge creation
  6. Have knowledge link in more than 4000 YouTube tutorials and counting
  7. Over 2000+ solved case studies solution for management students, one of the largest open source platform in India to help students reuse and share knowledge
  8. Acquisition of seed content across 28 different domains like Government Exams, Computer Science, Business, Architecture etc.
  9. Presently serving around 100K Unique Monthly Visitors on our platform

Viden now looks in the future and plans to expand to 100+ institutions in India by mid of FY 2018-19 and acquire knowledge link in 25000 YouTube videos and making it a sustainable tool for youtubers. They want to hit 100000 Unique Daily Visitors on our platform by end of FY 2018-19, and plan to have potential tie-ups with Teach India, Delhi Directorate of Education and Directorate of School Education, Haryana.

Himanshu has a clear vision about innovating and disrupting the traditional education and logistics market, both of which have been neglected by the new breed of entrepreneurs hitherto.’s collaboration with Knowledge Creators on YouTube is expected to serve around 2 million viewers by April 2018 and aims to expand its reach to around 100 colleges by mid FY 2018-19. is currently in talks with prominent investors and will soon make a formal announcement regarding their seed funding round.

In his strong desire to save his dreams, Himanshu now has 2 companies up and running along with a close-knit team of 20 people, who have an extraordinary faith in him and his vision.

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