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Street foods at LCF Cafe

Team exatraveller was recently at LCF Cafe in Chattarpur area in south Delhi. LCF is a result of extreme planning and the décor, ambiance and food shows the efforts that have been put in by Mr Vijay Arora and Mr Gaurav Chauhan, the owners.  The owners are well known names in the food and hospitality industry

Touchwood Group & the fastest growing gourmet caterer, Le Chaat Factory have come forward and launched this awesome joint for street food lovers of Delhi.

As you enter the café, you are awestruck with the great vision and dedication that has gone into putting up such an elegant though quirky place..

A passer by very easily gets pulled in by the luxurious couches, walls with glass work, amazingly beautiful ceiling with earthen pots to enjoy some amazingly tasting chaats and sweet chats with his/her beau. And if you are alone you can enjoy your drinks on some quirky designed stools along the streety walls.

The menu has been designed very artistically describing each and every dish they serve. It covers dishes from all across the nation and some foreign entrees too.

We started with Sharifa and Mango milk shakes, and I loved the Sharifa flavours oozing out with every sip. Later during the course of our meals we also tried their Thandai. Thandai served here was just wow; it was like the thanda thanda milki drink with loads of dry fruits coming straight out of my mom’s kitchen.

The menu offered traditional paneer tikkas – but we decided to give it a miss and instead savoured a few other street delicacies from north and west India like the Gol Gappa platter, Desi Ghee fusion Aloo Tikki, Palak patta Chaat,  Bhalla platter from north India and Amchi Mumbai Pao Bhaji from west India.

Gol Gappa platter containing Atta, Suji, and moongdal golgappas was served with assorted flavours of water, e.g Hing, Orange and Pudina. I guess the chef needs to do some improvement with the pani, as one flavour had an overdose of chilies where as the others were bland. We informed this to the chef and he promised us that it will be corrected and we surely will have a better taste the next time we come here.

Bhallas, and Palak chat were delicious and we loved the tikkis. We wanted to try out some firangi chaat too, so we went on to order Grilled Cottage Cheese steak and a delectable plate of Pasta in white sauce.

We were quite unconvinced to order the Fresh Naariyal Daab Kheer, Kheer mixed with fresh coconut malai alone, so we also ordered Hot Chocolate Gooey cake with ice cream from the firangi section.

But the Kheer turned out to be the king of all the dishes at LCF; I thoroughly enjoyed finishing up the entire serving. The coconut flavours made it extremely delicious. I guess delicious is a very weak word for this dessert. And after this the firangi dessert was just a formality for us to finish up.

Oh no, no, the choco cake was quite delectable too, but it lost the match in front of the exquisite Daab Kheer.



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