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Team exatraveller recently experienced a Learning and Interactive session by renowned nutrionist Ms Manisha Arora at her TAF Wellness center in New Delhi. At the session we were given firsthand experience in various treatments and tips n recipes about low calorie nutritious food.

TAF (reverse of FAT) Wellness, in fact is one of the finest weight loss clinic and slimming center in Delhi to provide numerous weight-loss and wellness services. The treatments are administered by a dedicated team who are thoroughly trained in their field under the able guidance of Manisha Arora. Scientifically designed & highly customized fitness programs such as TAF Fun, Workout, TAF good food good nutrition, TAF clinical correction, TAF Counter stress, Cellulite and Fat reduction, Body Contouring, Non-surgical face lift, TAF active fitness program and TAF rejuvenate etc. are offered to the clients.

Sheela, our team member met Manisha and she advised her to experience TAF’s prime treatment; Alma Prima, the latest technology to lose inches and tighten the skin at the same time.

Manisha briefed Sheela about the wellness center, treatments and their healthy food servings. She informed that along with diet and exercise, some technology-based non-invasive treatments work the best to lose those unwanted fat pockets reducing the circumference giving you perfect shape and contour. The treatments at TAF help to eliminate excess fat in particular areas and tighten the skin giving that desired shape.

Sheela took ALMA PRIME treatment which uses USFDA approved Alma’s Accent PrimeTM top-of-the-line device. The device combines the latest innovations in Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to deliver safe effective & highly customized treatments with natural, long-lasting results. It involves the application of energy or heat to destroy fat cells for manual removal or absorption by the body.

She was asked to lie down comfortably and her upper arms were massaged with a handle fixed to the Alma Prime machine. Three sets of massage were given by the well trained staff under the guidance of Manisha for a duration of 40 minutes. Only discomfort felt during the massage was high heat but that was quite bearable. After all it was done so that she could look the best.

She was asked to take two glasses of lemon water immediately after the treatment to dissolve the broken fats which can then be flushed out of the body. She was also advised to intake at least 8-10 glasses of liquids for next two days.

Just in one sitting, she noticed a significant loss of fat from her upper arms and also felt tautness. Manisha then advised her 6 sittings to get the actual long term results.

Manisha also informed Sheela about eating right and healthy. She advised her not to get involved with starvation diets after these treatments. Sheela feasted on Quinoa cutlets and the super delicious  Sprout Bhel, a few of the healthy food dishes at TAF CHEF, the center’s endeavour to maximize both nutrition and taste. The skilled chefs at the center simmer, saute, grill and add their own little bit of cooking magic to every meal made using high quality freshest ingredients, innovate recipes, use healthy fats (cold pressed oils) to bring the delicious healthy meals.

About Manisha Arora:

Manisha has a Nutrition science background and over 18 years of professional experience in weight loss and Wellness. She conceptualized TAF; a mission to reverse FAT. She strongly feels that weight loss is technical – simply because it should be FAT LOSS and not just loss of muscle, water and energy reserves and the quest of losing weight should not end into a fatigued body and mind. FAT LOSS needs programming – not just will power, that’s what she and her team does for you at TAF – Scientific, integrated and result oriented programming for Fat loss and body contouring. Driven by passion and aspiring to be the pioneer in the field, she has developed holistic solutions with a right mix of balanced Nutrition, Effective Metabolic Boost Workout and safe/customised Fat loss and body contouring treatments saying NO to FAD Diets and Strenuous workouts. It’s a journey of bringing out the best in you supported by constant guidance, motivation and hand holding by her and her team.

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