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Ten Skills that Every Hospitality MBA Teacher should have

The global hospitality industry adds up to trillions of dollars in the economy and produces a huge amount of employment as well. Though the pandemic has impacted the hospitality industry to a massive extent revenge travel has got back the industry in the business raising the demand for management graduates to a great extent.

Today, it’s the best time for people who are keen to get into the hospitality industry and are attending various academic institutions to acquire qualifications and pursue a career in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

Team Exatraveller wanted to check on the skills one needs to have to succeed in the hospitality industry and talked with Dr. Daviender Narang, Director Jaipuria Institute of Management.

Prof. (Dr.) Daviender Narang, a thorough management professional is working as a Professor and Director at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad. He has a rich experience of 22 years in the field of academics and management, especially in the best business and management institutes in India and abroad. He has experience of establishing successful management business schools. He has worked on a World Bank-supported project on capacity-building in Ethiopia for two years. He holds two postgraduate degrees in Business Economics and Finance & Control. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and his contribution to research focuses on banking efficiency in India. His areas of expertise are security analysis, corporate finance, banking, research methodology, and mutual funds. He is also associated with business firms as a corporate trainer on various financial modules. A fine academic and administrator, he is known as an institution builder, an acclaimed teacher, a prolific speaker, an avid researcher, a consultant, and a trainer.

Dr. Narang says that faculty plays a key role in preparing management graduates for the hospitality industry today. The faculty is also required to constantly up-skill and re-skill themselves in order to imbibe the skills in the students. There are certain skills that the faculty must be well versed with, certain skills that every hospitality MBA teacher should have are:

Technologically savvy

Today, since academia has moved towards a hybrid model, it is paramount to pay attention to technology. The teachers must be well acquainted with the technical devices, other than that, they should be well prepared to engage the students with various pedagogical initiatives. Multiple engaging applications must be used by the faculty to make their class interesting. The pandemic has lowered the attention span of the students, thus engaging them is a challenge now. The classes must be engaging.

          Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important for the students to be well placed in corporate today; likewise, the communication skills of the faculty should also be extremely efficient. Faculty is the role model of the students, they do keep an eye on the vocabulary used by the teachers, and the manner in which they communicate. Hospitality is all about communicating well and understanding the needs of the consumers, thus effective communication is a must.

          The Art of Articulation

Communicating is not enough in the current era, the faculty needs to articulate the ideas well. Barriers in communication usually take place when the ideas are not articulated well from one individual to other, thus the faculty must possess the art of articulation. Once the students also learn the art of articulation, nothing can stop them to succeed in the hospitality industry.

          Attention to Detail

The hospitality industry needs everything well organized and of a high standard. Details are highly focussed upon, be it the aesthetic detail or the behavioural details. Attention to detail is a must. In order for the students to be ready with this skill, the facilitators also need to possess these skills in order to transfer them to the budding hospitality managers. Attention to detail is drilled into the students from day one of the job, what is better than these students learning this skill in the institute itself.

          Knowledge about the market

Commercial awareness is again a very important skill that the faculty needs to have. The market is extremely dynamic, and the faculty must know the current paradigm of the business and the same shall be discussed in the classes too. This will not only increase the general awareness of the students but will also aid the students to compete in the current landscape.

          Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and creativity is the key to the industry today. The organization promoting the most creative ideas along with innovation is at the top. Faculty needs to promote innovation and creativity. For this, the faculty should also be creative and innovative enough. Promoting “out-of-the-box thinking”, which is innovative and logical at the same time is the need of the hour.


To promote flexibility among the students as a skill, the faculty has to display the skill of flexibility. The employees in the hospitality industry are required to work during the holiday periods including Christmas and New Year. Since most people love to spend these periods with their families, the employees in hospitality are at work during this most cherished period. Thus, they require to be flexible enough. In order to promote this skill, the faculty must showcase this skill to imbibe the same in the students.

          Time management

Indeed, a very important skill both for the faculty and the student. This skill is required in each industry today. Prioritizing the tasks in order to ensure the timely completion of the tasks. Of course, in the hospitality sector, this becomes even more important. Managing time is a key trait as many other individuals are dependent on your management. The faculty requires to have the skill of time management and also promotes the same in the students by giving various tasks that involve optimum utilization of time.

          Interpersonal Skills

These skills are much required in the faculty, as these are the key skills required for a successful interaction. These social skills like empathy, negotiation, listening, patience, and tolerance are much required by the faculty. The same is to be imbibed in the students going to work in the hospitality sector.

         Problem Solving Skills

Irrespective of the industry, these skills are required in each industry today. The faculty also needs problem-solving skills in this dynamic environment. Talking specifically about the hospitality industry, multiple concerns arise on daily basis. Thinking of ways to make the back house jobs less time-consuming to focus on the customers is what is a prerequisite of the industry today. Thus, both the faculty and the students should have this skill.


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