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The Stunning Beaches of Kerala

Beaches, ocean waves, and frolicking on the beach are the favourite holidaying activities of travelers all around the world. Almost 71% of the Earth is water, so there are enough sand and sea for everyone to enjoy. In India too, there are countless stunning beaches along the vast coastal line spanning a total of 13 coastal states, two union territories, and the islands of Lakshadweep, Andaman, and Nicobar. That makes a lot of unexplored coastal lines.

Kerala beaches

Beaches in Kerala are amongst the best in India and are an excellent alternative to international beaches. Whenever one thinks of sun, sand, and sea, the first image which flashes in a traveler’s mind is that of God’s Own Land, Kerala.

Kerala beaches are the most scenic in India, ones that hold sparkling clear water, silvery sand, colourful coral reefs, calm air, and temples where locals come to offer prayers. On India’s southern tip, Kerala, a remote and dreamy place sandwiched between the glorious Arabian Sea and lush green Western Ghats, is a must-visit destination on any traveler’s list. Kerala beaches are known for the practice of meditation and yoga.

The months of September and March are the best time to visit Kerala beaches. The seawater is clear blue and beautiful and sparkles in the warm sun during these months. People play cricket and beach volleyball and the kids get themselves busy building sandcastles.

Here are a few popular beaches where you can enjoy the warm sea breeze, and the smell of the salt air.

Kovalam Beach

Whenever you think of Kerala beaches, Kovalam comes first in mind. Its located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Kovalam is an amazing tourist spot and is among the best beaches in India. A beautiful sanctuary of serenity surrounded by lush coconut palms and backed by heavily built headlands – That’s Kovalam. The clean beach here has gleaming sands and a towering lighthouse and is a popular surfing destination.

Kovalam is actually made up of two main coves—Hawa, i.e. Eve’s Beach, and Lighthouse Beach. Lighthouse beach is the bigger and the most popular one with a number of open-air restaurants. Lighthouse Beach is frequented by foreign tourists. You can climb up the 142 spiral steps to the observation platform for a bird’s eye view of the ocean.

Honeymoon couples and beach lovers enjoy this beach paradise created by the sparkling blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the rugged headlands and come here to enjoy intimate moments along with lots of adventure.

Varkala Beach

Located on the north end of the Thiruvananthapuram district, Varkala Beach is relatively unexplored, but it certainly is a gem of a beach. It’s an incredibly romantic beach with lots of young foreigners and couples coming here to enjoy the seas. Beautiful scenery, brown sand, and sea beauty are the specialties of this beach.

More and more tourists are visiting this beach nowadays, but it’s still less crowded than Kovalam and is breathtakingly beautiful. The beach overlooks a long stretch of the cliff that’s bordered by beach shacks and shops.

Hotels and hostels are available right on the cliff, overlooking the ocean. The accommodation facilities are excellent here and almost at every corner you find several Ayurvedic centers, making Varkala a popular health resort.

The sunset at Varkala is breathtaking views that steal away your breath.  There are numerous water spouts and spas with medicinal properties.

In fact, Varkala has two sections – Papa Nashini beach and Papanasam Beach. Both of these are associated with ancestor worship. ‘Papanasam’ means ‘to wash away sins,’ and Papa Nashini means ‘sin-destroyer.’ Varkala is a place of religious significance due to the Sivagiri Mutt, the tomb of social reformer and sage Sree Narayana Guru, and also the 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple.

Devotees come to the beach after praying at the ancient Janardhana Swamy Temple on the hill to perform mortuary rituals, directed by specialist pujaris (priests) in the early morning, just after sunrise.

Varkala coastline, backed by sheer red laterite cliffs is magnificently scenic and the beach is relatively relaxing. Watching the fishermen coming back after a night’s fishing expedition in deep seas and buying a fresh catch is an experience in itself.

Fort Kochi Beach

The gorgeous Fort Kochi Beach, known as the ‘Queen of the Arab Sea,’ is a serene white sand beach offering visitors a panoramic view and natural beauty. The beach is also popular by the name of ‘Princess of the Arab Sea’, and is a popular beachfront and picturesque view destination for rejuvenation.

The biggest attraction of this beach is the iconic fort, and also the numerous Chinese Fishing Nets. You can watch how these nets are operated in the morning hours.

There are many more beaches in Kerala. Keep watching this space for more.

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