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Working With Exablogs

Exablogs has a unique audience made up of a highly engaged Facebook Page, Website, Email List, Twitter, Instagram, and Print Media audience.

As travel influencers, we can help you in one of many ways. For example: (Your suggestions are welcomed)

Shout Outs & Advertising

We can include ads on our website that will be displayed to our readers. Simply provide us with a horizontal, square, or rectangular banner, and we can insert them between paragraphs of all our stories.

Alternatively, you can post your product on our social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Advertising on Exatraveller is an economical way to get the word out and starts at $100/mo.

Advertising on international publication websites.

Sponsored Posts

Be the star of your own story, written either by us or by yourself. Tell us about your destination, resort, product, etc. Submit the photos and videos you would like us to publish. Sponsored posts start at just $500.

Also in The Transcontinental Times, Spain, starting at Euro 1500.

Familiarization (FAM) Trips

Got a resort or destination you’d like us to review? We would be happy to write a “What to see and do in” story about your resort or destination. A well-rounded story could be included in our posts to social media, and perhaps even video. To keep costs low, we will bring all our own equipment. contact us and we will see if there’s a fit.

Product Reviews

Got a travel-related product you’d like us to review? We could review it in a story, or on video, or perhaps both. One thing: Our reviews are unbiased as possible. Where there are generally costs for a product review, contact us first and we will see if there’s a fit.


A published piece could go on our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and print media. This will can give you a potential reach in high five figures, and residual reach in hundreds of thousands through the rest of the year. The demographic is 50/50 M/F and with ~40% in India with the majority in the 25-54 age range.

Breakdown of our Social Media Accounts

Facebook (combined) : 2700 Followers,  Twitter: 1692 Followers

Instagram: 1250 Followers,  Youtube: 396 Subscribers

Print Media: Over one lakh audience per month

International Publication: The Transcontinental Times, Spain – over one lakh audience

Data Accurate as of August 2, 2020

Want something more? Contact Us at or whatsapp at +91 90156 14319 and let us figure out the best way we can work together.


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