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A Big Hug from McDonald’s during COVID times

COVID times and we all had cravings for something big, maybe a big pat on our back for all the good work we did while working from home, or maybe a big hug from our loved ones during the new normal era of social distancing.

Well, McDonald’s North and East India recently sensed our cravings, and just took a huge step boosting its reputation – and it was the launch of the double patty burgers and christened them ‘Big Hug’. These amazingly tasting burgers have two patties in one burger tightly hugging each other and hence the name.

These big hugs are extensions of the existing burger varieties such as McAloo Tikki, McVeggie, McChicken, McSpicy Paneer, McSpicy Chicken, Filet-O-Fish and Dosa Masala burgers and are priced attractively, starting from only INR 59 (plus applicable taxes).

The big hug burgers are for people who were looking for a larger burger. They are bigger, hotter, crunchier, and more flavourful then the earlier single patty burgers and the difference is immediately clear after a single bite. They provide a sense of familiarity as well as newness and make up a full meal along with sides of French fries and a cold drink.  Don’t get me wrong, you won’t miss the distinct taste of a McDonalds’s burger that’s difficult to describe or deem fully positive or negative. It in fact is a double delight for most of us in size as well as the authentic taste.

I found the Big Hug quiet filling as I ordered for home delivery if McVeggie.  I found it quite a delicious burger; double veggie patties made with choicest vegetables, sandwiched between a fresh bun. It packed a crispy punch in every bite with onion petals and layered with lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and creamy mayonnaise.

The unique appeal of McDonald’s lies in the quality where the brand is conscious of its standards and uses fresh vegetables, 100 percent protein like chicken to form the patties. The quality is reflected clearly in the superior taste. The patties are noticeably juicier that allows for the entire burger to have more depth of flavour.

Safety and Quality concerns

McDonald’s products go through comprehensive quality checks, from farm to table, so that the customers can enjoy safe and delicious food.  50-plus process changes have been implemented in the Global ‘Safety+’ program introduced as a commitment to quality and safety in the current times. Safety+ is a Global system of enhanced hygiene and safety practices that help ensure that every part of the McDonald’s experience is safe for its customers and employees.



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