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Air-O-Thon 2018 – Air Pollution Challenges for Sustainable Environment

November and Diwali are almost here. And we again are staring at the annual repetition of the Pollution Demon in the capital. It’s already impossible to breathe properly in the smoggy conditions and people are have started having asthma and other respiratory problems.

Our govt. is practically doing nothing – just sitting quietly- watchin people suffer and demanding donations for the elections next year.

At such times, it was a welcome event when Vprospurs, Singapore and Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) organised the Air-O-Thon 2018, the Delhi Chapter of the 3rd Edition of Air-O-Thon conference & exhibition at  India International Centre, New Delhi to highlight the issues and make people aware.

Focusing mainly on the Air Pollution Challenges for Sustainable Environment in India, the conference concentrated on indoor pollution; though outdoor air pollution was also discussed.

Cutting edge products by prominent industry leaders were also displayed.  Society for Indoor Environment (SIE); who is the foremost source of technical knowledge on Indoor air quality, main stream IEQ in education; influence on national policies, regulations and standards on IEQ has joined hands as “Knowledge Partner” in the conference and helping the diverse stakeholders to work towards holistic solutions in combating air pollution through this common platform.

The conference also focused on alarming rise in air pollutants in Delhi’s toxic air.  Over the past two series, the prominence of indoor air quality as a key issue has increased- as it is necessary for achieving the goal of breathing cleaner air and to reduce the health impacts of polluted air in all regions of India. Apart from Metros, other mega cities in India are also choked today with high levels of air pollutants, especially the particulate matter. The solution to the problem of urban air pollution is not easy and needs to be tackled by involving all the key stakeholders apart from the local government. Policies backed with regulations, planning measures and strict enforcement play important role.  Further, the Indoor air quality is not monitored nor regulated, to tackle this problem.

The views expressed by each of the prominent speakers were of the same tone; “as the overall air quality continues to deteriorate, people in the city are unaware of the effects of indoor air quality and how to prevent it within their homes”.

Shri SN Sahu, Joint Secretary, Rajya Sahabha, said “It is important to take strong action  to prevent from the Air Pollution, which is going to  worse day by day  and its a high time to follow Gandhian thoughts about Cleanliness and Clean environment”.

Dr. Radha Goyal, Deputy Director, Indian Pollution Control Association, (IPCA) said, “The issue of indoor air pollution has witnessed a rise in the recent years and it is considered to be worse than outdoor pollution. The Delhi edition of Air-O-thon continues to be a national sharing hub to address the issues, challenges and find the solutions to tackle both ambient and indoor air pollution”.

Dr. Radha Goyal, clarified the misconception among people that air pollution only occurs in the outdoors, while mentioning that the Global Burden of Disease Risk lists indoor air pollution as the ninth biggest health risk in the world.

Dr. Ranveer Singh Mahar Former Director Centre pollution control Association Said “Today both outdoor and Indoor Air quality are area of great concern. In India Indoor air quality is not monitored nor regulated, to tackle this problem however we need a stakeholder driven approach that requires a consultation and participating approach. Events Likes Air-O-Thon provides very good industry engaging platform and institution like SIE, help in establishing knowledge network that help in formulating policies and action plans.”

Mr. Pradeep Maithani, Chairman & MD, Vprospurs Pte. Ltd. said “Vprospurs  is always concerned for the environment. Since clean air is necessary for good health, so this year Airothon’s main objective is to promote Healthy Air, Healthy Family and thereof Healthy Nation. As India has more than 65% population below the age of 35 years, health is critical for the youth and the nation. Healthy youth would only be able to contribute to India’s growing economy and help building a strong nation “.

Asian Paints created an experience for audiences and dignitaries about Royale Atmos. Asian Paints were the Purification partner for Air-O-thon and they installed a physical room set up of a home which was painted with Royale Atmos. A demonstration of the formaldehyde abatement property was highlighted at the Delhi event while showcasing the various accreditation and literature of Royale Atmos.


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