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During the last two years, as the world suffered from Corona, almost every business was hit badly. As the whole world was locked in their homes, a few entrepreneurs saw opportunities in disguise and converted their businesses on digital platforms. Few succeeded, and few failed. Some did so-so business.

Team Exablogs came across one such website by the name BigSmall and went ahead to try it out. The season of love in February was over by the time we decided to try it. So we just ordered a few miscellaneous items.

We ordered a few handmade dark chocolates and an Inflatable Foot Rest. The chocolates were handmade, and Eggless with Beautiful illustrations. We were very happy to have ordered them.

But just like many other products which have a tag Made in China, the inflatable Foot Rest made of PVC and Polyester was a total disappointment. It was meant to keep my feet comfy, it really didn’t solve any such problem. The quality was inferior, and really did not provide any comfort to my feet as a footrest or even as a pillow when I kept it under my head while writing this report.

Coming to the services of BigSmall, I guess they need to tighten up their belts a bit, as I found that the website was unable to deliver the order on time. Yes, it is Corona times, but I guess once you inform your customer that his/her order is shipped, you just can’t hold it back and give excuses when the customer tries to connect. So it’s better to buckle up as it’s a very competitive world out there.

Also regarding the Chinese products on offer on the website, they are very highly-priced as compared to the physical market. They should also focus on the quality, and be after their Chinese suppliers to procure high-quality products to match the high price tags (as compared with the physical market).


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