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Back to the childhood times

During my various work trips to Taiwan, Singapore and other south eastern countries I have often come across various beverage centers selling Bubble tea and shakes. Have tried them a few times and liked them a lot. They are fun to have with a bubbly delight and when the tapioca bubbles break in your mouth, the child inside you returns back to you.

But back in Delhi, these drinks were badly missed. Over the last few years there have been a few ice cream and drinks joints trying it – but sadly they were nowhere close to the original thing.

Recently I came across a new tea/drinks store at Magnum Metro Mall in Vaishali, Gaziabad. It is the newly launched bubble tea bar Dr Bubbles. Curiously we went to check in and were sweetly surprised to see a variety of jars filled with various liquids (flavours), and tubs filled with bubbles and jelly on the counter.

Mr Piyush, the owner of the franchisee store greeted us, and we talked about this new venture. He described about the different flavours available with the bubbles and jelleys and the combinations which can be tried with the teas/coffees/shakes/lassis with these. He showed us the menu which listed varieties like chocolate, lychee, almond, hazelnut and green melon, among many other options.

The bubble drink invented in Taiwan in the ’80s is a popular trend in a lot of Asian countries. The name actually comes from the fact that when the iced tea is shaken in a mixer/shaker to form air bubbles, the drink becomes frothy.

Mr Adnan Sarkar, owner, Dr Bubbles brought the concept to India in 2015. He says “Not everyone likes the original bubble tea”, so to make it more palatable for the Indian consumers, he has customised it by adding fruit jelly and fruit-flavoured poppers to his milk and fruit teas.

The drinks are presented quite interestingly with thick straws. The thick straw enables you to play games with the bubbles as you try to suck them and feel them pop in your mouth. The drink is a good hit with the youngsters and is touted as the hip drink for the youth.

All the ingredients used to make the tea are naturally sourced. The flavours include strawberry, cranberry, lychee, peach, and more. These flavours make the drinks stand out tall. They already have more than 30 outlets all over India, with two in Delhi NCR.

Besides drinks they also have a wide variety of lip smacking waffles and pancakes. We tried their Belgian chocolate mini pancake and Chocolate blast bubble waffles and loved the presentations and taste.

The latest addition to the menu is green coffee, which is a health drink with loads of flavour and flair. I tried the passion fruit flavour with litchi bubbles and it was delightful.

We also tried Lychee Watermelon milk shake with green apple bubble and Butterscotch milkshake with cranberry bubble and loved it.

The mini pancakes that we tried were great in taste and the entire serving vanished in a minute. The Bubble waffle served with vanilla ice cream was a nice handy walk away bubble waffle in glass. But much to our dislikes we found it a bit too doughy and difficult to cut out the soggy waffle and eat. I guess we should have given it a miss and tried something else.

We found the prices quite reasonable, but the outlet had no space to sit. I guess they should now work on this aspect soon. But now whenever I am in Gaziabad area, I know where to go and feast on some flavoursome bubbly drinks.



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