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Bean Me Up! – Cofffee Soap Bars @mCaffeine

What is better than waking up to the enchanting aroma of hot coffee coming out of the cup served right in you in bed on a cold wintery morning? Yes folks, you guessed it right, it’s the aroma filling up the room when you open the pack of Coffee Bathing Bars by mCaffeine.

I was totally BEANed out when I got the box containing India’s First Coffee Bean Shaped Bathing Bars in three variants – Espresso, Cappuccino  & Latte . I freaked out as the aroma filled my senses and I started searching where my cup of hot coffee was?

But the hot cup was missing – the fragrance was oozing out of the box of soaps and I literally jumped out of my bed and instantly went to have an early bath even on a chilly Delhi winter morning.

The coffee bars made with pure coffee and having a pH of 5.5 are skin-friendly and PETA certified cruelty free & 100% Vegan, and also are free from SLS, Paraben, Mineral Oil, and their formula is both dermatologically tested and FDA-approved.

The bath with the Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar variant surely beaned up my shower time experience like never before. Shaped in real coffee bean shape, and with the breath-taking exciting aromatic appeal my bathing experience was elevated. The dreamlike experience was like literally bathing in coffee.

Mcaffeine products

Friends, I have already discussed a few amazing products by mCaffeine, India’s first caffeinated personal care brand, which has led the coffee revolution in the personal care space since 2016, in my earlier review post about Coffee Face Scrubs and Face Wash.

Please have a look at

And now, brand mCaffeine have launched India’s first “COFFEE BEAN” shaped bathing bars in an attempt to further revolutionise the personal care space by entering the soap category. These extensive R&D based mCaffeine Coffee Bathing bars are well formulated and pH balanced.

I am a coffee addict, but before trying the face wash and face scrub I never had an idea that my skin also loves coffee and it is very good for my skin  too. Washing with Coffee soap, a great source of antioxidants helps get age defying antioxidants into your skin to wash away toxins and cleanse your pores.

mCaffeine Coffee Bathing bars with the tagline Bean Me Up!TM will  be available in three distinct Coffee variants, namely – Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte. Apart from the main ingredient of Pure Arabica Coffee, which is known for its cleansing and toning properties, the Coffee Bathing Bars also contain other ingredients like, pure coffee oil (in Espresso), almond milk and caramel (in Cappuccino), and cocoa butter (in Latte) which are essential for a healthy, lustrous, moisturized, and nourished skin.

But why coffee?

Coffee is known to have excellent cleansing & polishing properties for the skin. A natural source of Caffeine, it is rich in antioxidants & fights free radicals keeping the skin away from fine lines & wrinkles. Coffee granules are known to have unmatched exfoliating properties. Coffee reduces cellulite and stretch marks as well and indeed, is the super food for skin.

When we look at the traditional soaps, we find that they are alkaline-based products with pH 8 < which is much above skin pH 5.5 and, hence damage our skin’s protective barrier. While removing dirt & sweat, they also strip off essential natural oils of the skin.

Coffee Bathing Bars, free from harmful chemicals, maintain a balanced pH 5.5 which is the same as that of our skin hence these bars do not dry out the skin. They are quite moisturizing, cleansing & nourishing, making them suitable for all skin types.

Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO was all excited during the lanch and said, “At mCaffeine, since the moment we launched our first product, we have always been out to make a difference. There is a shift towards the naturals segment as consumers are worried about chemicals. We have acted swiftly enough to adapt to changing consumer preferences and have expanded our offerings in the clean label (natural as a choice) which the brand embodies. We have always been conscious of what ingredients we use and are mindful of the expectations of the millennials. Our Coffee bathing bars will set new benchmarks in the personal care brands space offering environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly products.”

Tarun Sharma further added that “Over 12 months of extensive research and an investment of around half a million dollars have gone into the careful curation, design, and production of the Coffee Bathing Bars. mCaffeine plans to sell more than 2 million units of the Coffee Bathing Bars in three years, with half a million sales expected in the first year itself. Expanding our Naked & Raw Coffee range, this will be a unique product to dive into the coffee fervour more & bring the best of coffee for skin.”

Lets talk about the types of Coffee Bathing Bars by mCaffeine

Let’s talk about what’s inside!

Coffee is known for its deep cleansing & energizing properties. Coffee in the bar tones the skin. Coffee is also a natural source of Caffeine which is rich in antioxidants and keeps the skin healthy.

Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar

Packed with the immense benefits of Pure Arabica Coffee, this bathing bar will deep cleanse your skin. The Espresso Aroma exudes Crisp Coffee Notes, awakening your senses & giving you a much needed Coffee Rush. Pure Coffee Oil in the bar tones the skin and Vitamin E nourishes as well as conditions.

Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar

Packed with the immense benefits of Pure Arabica Coffee, this bathing bar will polish your skin. The Cappuccino Aroma exudes Sweet Coffee Notes, picking up your senses & giving you a much needed Coffee Rush. Caramel in the bathing bar polishes & improves skin texture and  Almond Milk moisturizes as well as softens skin.

Latte Coffee Bathing Bar

Packed with the immense benefits of Pure Arabica Coffee, this bathing bar will moisturize your skin with its mild cleansing action. The Latte Aroma exudes Creamy Coffee Notes, refreshing your senses & giving you a much needed Coffee Rush. Almond Milk moisturizes & acts as a mild cleanser and Cocoa Butter intensely moisturizes & nourishes the skin.

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