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Delhi recently delved into the rustic, robust and the aromatic cuisine from the land of Peshawar at the multi cuisine restaurant Edesia, at Crowne Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi. It was a culinary storm as the chefs dished out the flavours from the ancient city Peshwar. Dawat-E-Peshawari was one of a kind food festival to transport the guests to the culinary bylanes of Peshawar and relish the rich, royal, astonishing flavours from the mainland. The festival also provided a glimpse to the cultural, artistic, historic aspects of the ancient city.

Peshawar as we know is the capital city of a province in Pakistan known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is an ancient city. Its a hidden gem on the Afghanistan border for foodies. Namak Mandi is the most famous foodie area in the town, and this festival in Delhi provided Delhi people with an opportunity to taste the authentic Peshawari food.

What will be your reaction when some one offers you  a plate of Chicken tikkas – and tells you that the chicken was a drug addict before he turned it into tikkas? And to add to the anxiety what if this happens at a luxury hotel?

Well, we faced a similar situation when we were served the famous “Charsi” Chiken tikkas of Peshawar. Nothing to worry folks, thats just a name given to a delicacy to honour the creator of this exotic dish who himself was a Charsi.

At the fest guests savoured the rich taste of handpicked ingredients for Peshawari cuisine and pampered their taste buds with sumptuous delicacies such as Namak Ghost, Chicken Mardan, Mayan Fish curry, Chapli Kebab, Balakot Fish tikka,k Charsi Kebab, Peshawari Tangri Kebab and many more.  Peshawari food is known for using minimum spices, hence the dishes were char-grilled or made in kadhai thereby retaining the original flavor of the main ingredient.  

Highlights of the festival were –

-Over 80 dishes from the Namak Mandi of the ancient city Peshawar

-A pictographic journey show casing the cultural, culinary and historic legacy of Peshawar

-A beautiful set up depicting the rural and urban elements of the region

-Art and craft heritage of the mainland

-Live counters and live music to set the regional look and feel           

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