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Delectable Twisters

A friend told me about Twister Café in Jawahar Nagar, Delhi, and described what he relished at Twister. And I was taken back to the days when I was in travelling through the then Easter European countries from my USA college days.

And finally when I visited Twister café to relish the delights, it was such a nostalgic feeling. Mr Anubhav, the owner  briefed us about the outlet that he has set up after being inspired by these delicacies during his last Europe trip to Romania and Hungry.

He came across what is called Kurtos or Chimney Cakes (anglicised name), a kind of street food in these countries and was thoroughly impressed and thought of introducing the delicacy in Delhi, India and opened up his café in Jawahar Nagar area in North Delhi.

The Twisters as Mr. Anubhav calls them were an instant hit with the college students in the North campus area in Delhi University. The café offers both, the sweet ones and the savory ones. The colour scheme of the outlet comprises mainly of bright red and yellow and is reflected in the food they serve.

Twisters are made from a sweet dough (raised dough) made with a pre-mix imported from Europe and the strips are spun fresh and wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and then rolled in granulated sugar. They are then baked fresh till it becomes golden-brown in color and the sugar stuck on the twister caramelises and forms a shiny, crispy crust. The surface of the twister is then topped with additional ingredients as selected by the customer from the list.

We tasted one savoury twister and two sweet ones (you very well know that I have a sugary tooth).

For savoury twisters, we tried Garden fresh Corn Salad in a Organic Fresh Coriander cone and I opted for a cheesy crust. The organic coriander flavour was refreshing and I loved my twister.

Moving on to the sweeter side of the twister, I chose the Golden Glaze twister which was organic cane sugar and cinnamon flavour. The twister with Nutella spread, filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate chips had the cinnamon flavour bang on.

My colleague tried the Sensation Chocolate twister with a Nutella spread and chocolate ice cream and was thoroughly satisfied with the taste.

Since the twisters were still hot when served with the ice creams, the first thought that came to mind was the melting of ice cream and it leaking from the bottom of the cone. But we were told not to worry as the twisters are made very soft and strong in a way that the ice cream does not come out. And to my utter dismay this is what exactly happened as the ice cream melted but the cone was still strong and did not get soggy.

We thoroughly loved relishing these twisters which were made fresh to order, were light on the palate and great on taste and the best part was that they were fresh and delectable.

So folks, you know where to go whenever you are in Delhi University North Campus, or in Kamala Nagar area.

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