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Delicacies at TEO – The Dineroom

Lately West Delhi, the new gastronomic address in the capital has been seeing a lot of new outlets coming up featuring either live grills or serving a mixed menu of all the rich culinary diversity of food from across the globe.  TEO- The Dineroom is one such entrant; a new age restaurant which serves global cuisine, spanning several continents. The menu features a complete treat of mouth watering international cuisines.

Located on the busy Club Road, Teo- The Dineroom is a stylish outlet offering no less than fine dining in a setting with great ambiance, luxury vibes and clubbing atmosphere. Even though we arrived quite early in the evening, the moment we entered the restaurant, the warm colours made us hungry.

The outlet is spread on two floors, TEO Lounge and Bar, with a capacity of 300 people, a great place to chill out with a spacious dance floor and great DJ on the third floor, and the dining area on the second floor, the Dineroom,  with a capacity of 150 people.

The best thing about TEO –The Dining Room is that they have designed the right atmosphere at the right place; the lounge has vibrant colourful atmosphere with foot tapping music and the dining area is peaceful for you to enjoy a tasty culinary experience.

We went through a quick journey of TEO on the third floor and had our feet tapping on the hot numbers being disced out by the DJ, but being very very hungry we wanted to settle down in a well lit area and enjoy our food. So we came down to The DineRoom and started with the Mocktails, which were genuinely freshening. The best I think was the Sangaria Freddo, a mix of Tea, Cranberry juice and fresh fruits. We also liked Mint Cheee, a combination of Orange juice, Litchi Juice and Lime Juice.

To go along with the drinks; oops the mocktails, we ordered a variety of starters, and relished eating the Thai Spring Rolls, and the assorted Veg Kebab Platter, which consisted of Paneer Tikka Sunehari, Nawabi Malai  Soya Chaap, Bhutte ke Kebaba, Crispy Dahi ke Kebab and Mushroom ki Gilawati.

The starters matched the exquisite freshness of the drinks and we thoroughly enjoyed eating them. The Thai Spring Rolls were served in a great presentation and the sauce served along with them added that tangy flavour. I recommend Thai Spring rolls for everybody visiting The Dineroom.

Moving on to the mains, we tried a combination of typical Desi affairs and a dish from the world affairs. From the Indian section, we had Subz Biryani, Dal Makhani, Teo Paneer Kalyani – spinach dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese served in tomato-cashew gravy and stuffed paranthas.

The paneer dish was excellent and I loved the biryani made with long grained rice too. The Dal Makahni was so so, and the parantha was well stuffed and perfect, just what a parantha should be.

From the Italian affairs, we tried Vegetable Lasagne, pasta sheets layered with veggies and tomato cream sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese, which was just lip-smackingly tasty.

As usual our foodie journey ended by satisfying our sweet tooth and we tried Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream and loved the way it was plated. Overall we loved our peaceful culinary journey, the food was delicious with good quantity.

We were very happy to have come to TEO-The DineRoom  and departed after thanking and promising a second visit soon.







Friends, if you really love food and want to have it in apeaceful ambiance,  don’t miss visitng TEO.


Our Ratings

Food: 4/5                               Drinks: 4/5                                          Service: 4.5/5



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