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Digitising Education in Rural India through “Chhota Internet”

Education is of utmost importance for everyone, this is the only channel through which India can become world leader. Unfortunately even in this era of data accessibility through internet, education is still a distant dream for people in the remote areas of our country. To overcome this we need revolutionary products to provide education to everyone in all corners of the country.

Accessibility is a problem. Today, in the cities we breathe through internet, but it still is a problem for remote rural areas in the country. Do we have a solution for this? Yes, we do have a solution for this through an amazing innovative product, the “Chhota Internet”.

Chhota Internet is a Learning Management System that provides education to students of rural areas through innovative application of multimedia educational tools. It is a device that uses a custom designed IOT Board and allows access to a minimum of 150 users through local WiFi and has 2 TB and more of Storage space. The device, a brain child of Mr. Sandeep Arya, Chairman and CEO of Amtrak Technologies is a path-breaking technological innovation in the field of education.

Chhota Internet is an interactive learning tool that is a unique and innovative solution designed to strengthen the content delivery system in rural India where internet connectivity is an issue. It is a tool that provides quality content WITHOUT INTERNET connection. It surely is going to be a great tool for all the education departments in state governments and organizations. It provides relevant content to the audience through e-Books, Audio & Video based lectures. The best feature is that it has only a onetime cost and you can add new content on the device depending on the storage space left unused.

The beauty of the product is in its capability to provide unhindered content to multiple users at the same time without any time lapse or buffering signals which we normally face in case of multi-users.

Chhota Internet is surely going to be the sensation in education field and will help in a great way in digitising education in India. And the good news is this that the concept is already in use in Rajasthan where about 348 rural schools are already using it under the project name – “Gyan Darpan”. Through Gyan Darpan it has been possible to provide education to the remotest area in Rajasthan.

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