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DonTelMama – the new age lounge advocating age old code wordings

Dontelmama – seems like an old age code wording from my times. Yes, we always whispered the phrase after doing mischiefs in our childhood. I am sure you must also have hidden some harmless stuff from your moms, just so that you can have a jolly good time.

But here I am talking about one of the swankiest and most popular Goa pubs, ‘Dontelmama’ which has now spread its wings to Delhi and is now going to tell party loving Delhi kids to not tell their mammas – What they did the previous night.

The name and philosophy behind ‘Dontelmama’ stem from the thought. “Keep it light, let loose & don’t stress your Mama out.” Party till you drop, Drink like a fish, stay out late, eat delicacies (almost) as good as your mama’s cooking; But hey; Dontelmama.”

Dontelmama is known for its infectious, high-tempo party scenes, and is one of those rare pubbing experiences where you forget your has-beens and get truly immersed in the now. The pub is helmed by the leadership of Mayank Jha aka The Party-man (Advertising/PR Guru), The versatile, rocking every genre, musician– DJ Golz, and the third partner of this amazing trio– Samar Singh. This favourite haunt of party people has set-up its arena in the heart of Delhi Party Scene – South Ex. 2.

Sprawled across 3 levels; the main room greets you with a rich vibrant feel when you enter, with garnet maroons mingling with lapis and navy blues, and subtle hints of medallion golden all around echoing an air of supremacy. The smoking area is perky and exuberant, with a spectrum of colours lending it a quirky vibe. The rooftop is further segregated into a lower section with a cool laid-back vibe, complemented by the green lush and soft warm lights, and another Bird’s Eye level where you get a 360 degree of Southside.

We recently were at DonTelMama to go back to our childhood memories and chill out. The menu was well curated and focused on the variety of the drinks and food offered – traditional Indian dishes along with a few Mediterranean and continental twists. The Bar menu was also extensive and the presentations of their drinks was artistic. We tried a few of their mock-tails along with a few starters. Blueberry mock tail and Kokum mock-tail, were simple in presentation but high on flavors and were highly refreshing.

We tried Baked Nachos, Chaat Platter and Fettuccine Tristi with White Curry Sauce Served with toasted Garlic Bread from the veggie starters section and loved the Fettuccine Tristi.

In the main course we tried the Baked Vegetable Princess and Indian Meal Platter and really loved relishing the Cheesy Baked Veggies which concocted a unique tang to add a fascinating yet homely touch making it delectable just like homely food by mama. The serving size was plentiful and food was delicious as at our homes.

Moving on the Desserts section, I felt like telling my Mama that they didn’t serve me rightly. The only but amazing option given was Banana split with ice-cream. I sincerely hope to enjoy the other desserts when I come back here.

Well our visit was quite tasty and we left on a happy note – promising our host to not tell our mama when we reach home. But till our next visit, why are you waiting – go ahead and drive to D 14, 3rd Floor South Extention 2, Delhi to have a chilling evening in this sultry weather in Delhi.

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