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ECOSAC’s new Veggie Bag

Team exatraveller recently got a few  ‘ECOSAC Veggie Bags’ with multiple compartments that segregate fruits or vegetables from each other. We found the bags quite convenient to use and nature friendly.

Ecosac is India’s first branded shopping bag, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly utility shopping bags and serves as the perfect alternative to plastic bags. Ecosac bags are widely used post the ban on plastic bags as they are foldable, reusable, strong, durable and fashionable and are used for shopping, travel & day to day utilities.

“Owing to the success of Ecosac shopping bags, we recognized the demand for a bag that could be used by consumers for segregation of fruits and vegetables while buying them. Since plastic is banned, women have been carrying bags with them to markets, which is a habit we envisaged cultivating in consumers. The compartments in the veggie bag ease out the pain point of mixing of vegetables, thereby prevent the lighter veggies from being squashed under the heavier ones”, says Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO, Ecosac Utility Bags.

The veggie bag has six compartments and is available in a variety of colours, namely- red, blue, grey and wine. It is also economical, washable, durable, sturdy, trendy, strong (carries up to 20kgs). The bag is convenient and lightweight; also it can be folded and carried into the pocket. It is made of water repellent polyester fabric that lasts for minimum of three years.

The usage of ECOSAC Veggie bag will not only ease out your shopping experience but also help you to save the environment at large from the wrath of plastic use. If the concept of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ‘has to be defined, then ECOSAC bags are the perfect example, also the perfect solution for consumers and retailers towards the government’s ban on plastic.

The world is expected to consume around 5 trillion plastic bags a year – i.e., about 1 million bags a minute. With innovative products from Ecosac such as the shopping bag and the veggie bag, the ratio of consumption can be reduced down to 1 ECOSAC bag: 1000 plastic bags, considering the amount of plastic bags consumed over 3 years (which is the average lifespan of an ECOSAC bag).

“Ecosac as a brand has been aiming at providing eco-friendly solutions to our patrons at pocket-friendly costs. This new veggie bag is our endeavour to address challenges faced by the consumer, which has been a latent need of shoppers.” Founded by Anil Chowta five years back, with a vision to make available a sustainable yet an affordable substitute to plastic, the brand today witnesses a huge surge of 500% in the sale of its utility bag, post government’s ban on plastic.

The bag is available in all major retail stores across the country.

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