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EK – The One-Stop-Shop For Everything Home

We all know Ektaa R. Kapoor as the visionary director and producer of India’s most popular shows. From Balaji Telefilms, an entertainment company she founded in 1994, Ektaa has revolutionised the entertainment industry and created a world of drama with her unique vision and incredible storytelling skills.

Buoyed by her success and to further cement her market presence, she has now ventured to go beyond the small screen. Now, she has come up with the EK brand which has a wide variety of products primarily cantered around home decor, wellness accessories/jewellery, kitchen items, home furnishings. Through this, she aims to bring products, that are thoughtfully designed using Indian wisdom on designs and materials, to your home and improve your home wellness.

The products are designed thoughtfully keeping in mind the impact they have on one’s well-being- the material, designs/patterns used in the products have a deep-rooted significance in Indian culture. Most of the products are handcrafted by artisans to promote Indian craftmanship.

Products are made with raw materials and ancient designs and signs. For example, Mandala is a sign for attracting balance and positivity in Buddhism, as monks believe that mandala has a spiritual significance, and is a way of experiencing meditation. So, Mandala patterns have been used in many bedroom products to bring positivity, balance, and spirituality into your bedroom. Pure cotton, copper, brass, mango wood etc. which have a good impact on one’s well-being are the material used in various products.

You can choose from Ektaa R. Kapoor’s wellness-inspired collection of indo-contemporary home furnishings, home decor and wellness jewellery. They have the best home décor items available online. The range is made from wellness-inspired design sensibility and includes cushion covers, bed sheets, and mugs, vases, jewellery etc suited for gifting and for your own use. Other EK products include beautiful pottery, lanterns, vases, curtains, dohars, and many others, will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic environment of your home and bring to you good vibrations.

Jharokha Motifs

I decided to change the curtains of my living room and went for EK’s  extensive collection of Jharokha Prints, which offered me beautiful regular and abstract designs. The curtains that I bough have eye-catching aesthetic designs and are now adorning my living room doors with a solid Indian feel. EK’s Jharokha collection is inspired by the ancient and intricate jharokha (windows) design that finds its roots in the architecture of Rajasthan and goes back to Mughal era. Each product is made with 100% cotton fabric which has a very comfortable touch and feel and is one of the best quality, breathable material available for use.

Curtains from Jharokha Collection

Other products that I got interested in were from the Blue Pottery Collection, Brassware Collection, Wooden and Ceramic collections, Jewellery, Copperware, and Incense section, neckpieces, kitchen accessories, and charcoal-free incense sticks. But, I like making changes in my home slowly, so I left other products for the next time.

One more aspect that attracted me was EK’s Celeb Favourites section. EK has various products that we often see in celebrities homes. EK has handcrafted blue pottery vase that is recommended by Nakul Mehta, Jharoka Dohars which we see at the homes of actors like Mallika Sherawat and Riddhi Dogra, and many others.

EK has wellness accessories that help uplift your health by helping you maintain a positive outlook, surrounding yourself with positive energy and having a purpose. The evil eye necklace, the Mandala bedsheets and similar products can be a true saviour for all your stresses.

So, if you love turning your home into a cosy oasis with room decor items like wall art, frames, and lanterns, do visit the website worldofek and start shopping for your place of comfort.


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