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Exotic Oriental experience at Kylin Experience

Our love for Pan Asian delicacies is well known to our near and dear ones. We keep on trying every Pan Asian eatery that is suggested to us. And this time it was Kylin Experience, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar who served us some exotic and authentic oriental delicacies. Located on the ground floor, Kylin Experience is a fine dining Pan Asian restaurant with authentic Japanese and Thai being their speciality.

Kylin Experience serves mouth-watering sushi, dimsums and a unique mix of oriental favourites and is already a hit with food enthusiasts all over Delhi. The décor at Kylin Experience is both dramatic and spacious. The moment we entered the restaurant, we were overwhelmed by the pleasing Oriental interiors.

At Kylin Experience the oriental food gets a new definition. Soups, Appetisers, veggies and various kinds of seafood and meat tossed up with excellent curries are some of the highlights of the elaborate menu. The best thing about the dishes at Kylin Experience is that it serves dishes which have very traditional and authentic taste and are not like the oriental food that we are normally accustomed to, I mean the Desi Asian flavours.

We started with a few drinks at the bar and loved the Pineapple Mojito and Cucumber Mint Tumbler which were quite refreshing, but I guess I should have given a miss to Wasabi Bloody Mary.

The food menu, a perfect blend of comfort and innovation is packed with delightful and exciting Asian flavours to give an extraordinary experience of the cuisine that is commonly limited to just red or green curry in India.

We started with Tom Kha Vegetable soup. It’s a Thai soup, and also called as Tom kha kai. We loved the spicy and sour taste of this coconut milk soup. I finished up my soup in a hurry as I was eager to feast on the Sushi and dimsums.


And very soon, the exotic presentation of dimsums and sushi arrived on our tables. We were served Asparagus Maki sushi, Vegetable curry dumpling, Tofu and vegetable dimsums. All of these were exotic pieces of culinary art, and tasted equally divine. It was one of the most authentic tastes that you normally don’t find at any other oriental outlets in Delhi NCR. In fact when the platters arrived on my table, the fragrance took me to the environs of restaurants in Singapore.

We also had the Oshitashi Roll, and the Asparagus Tempura roll. I simply couldn’t say anything, just kept eating. This was in fact one of those rare occasions when I forgot to click pictures before disturbing the presentations. Exotic, divine, tasty, I could only utter these words after eating the delicious rolls. They were flavoursome with crunchy shredded veggies inside rice outer crusts.

We also tried Crispy mushroom honey chili pepper, and Lotus stem honey chili in the starter section.

It was getting heavy on our tummy now, and we hurriedly wanted the mains to be served. The ever attentive Mr Nitesh Rana sensed this and quickly served us Mapo Tofu vegetables, Lohan veg spicy, Garlic Veg fried rice and Noodles. Tofu as we all know does not have any flavour of its own and I prefer to avoid them. But the excellent work of the chefs here brought out the magic in the Tofu dishes too with perfect blend of spices.

And now it was Desserts time. So when Chef Dhondhup asked me what to order, I simply said, bring all that you think are good. And soon our table was flooded with Chocolate Mah-Jong Ice Cream, Star Anise Ice cream and Fried Ice Cream Spring Rolls.

A perfectly hot n melting Choco Mahajong ice cream is something you don’t get everywhere. It is a warm soft brownie, dipped with hot chocolate and served with ice cream. At Kylin I was super delighted when my colleagues left the plate after just a bite. And I happily finished the entire serving.

Fried Ice cream Spring Rolls, was simply vanilla ice cream filled in crunchy and hot spring rolls, sprinkled with honey and nuts. It didn’t click though with me as the ice cream made the spring rolls soggy and sticky.

Star Anise ice cream was the show stealer of the evening. Again I was very happy to have had a chance to finish the entire serving.

Well, friends, we have tried to be as experimental as possible and enjoyed the authentic flavours that we were presented at Kylin Experience. This certainly is one of the most authentic pan-asian restaurants in Delhi and we hope that you also will have a gala time when you visit.


Our Ratings:

Décor 4/5      Ambiance 4.5/5    Food 5/5           Drinks 4.5/5

Cuisines: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian.

Address:  Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar Delhi

Meal for two without alcohol inclusive taxes: Rs. 1,800++

Pics: Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are based entirely on our personal experience during our visit to taste.

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