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Humour in Art – Art show

Team Exablogs recently attended an art show, Humour in Art, at Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi, organised by Ms Anjali Jain of Kala Drishti featuring Kukarma, comprising of Neha Gupta and Vibhu Kumar, both artists, passionate about their craft and who believe in spreading a dose of happiness and weirdness through their art, largely centered on  the everyday, and the pop culture.

I particularly liked Vibhu’s sense of satire that he puts into his paintings  depicting daily life themes and enjoyed watching him sketch out the current riots in Delhi. His recent works overwhelmed me with their energy, ambition, and sense of brash experimentation, and also seduced with humour. His paintings are never entirely abstract, but more than that he seems inventing a new pictorial language entirely of his own. Vibhu Kumar has also authored a book, titled, “THIS 4231”, loves inks and spends his time reading, and doodling.

Neha Gupta is more into acrylics and is fascinated with colours. Still life frames by Neha stood out among the digital prints of Vibhu’s works, and I specially liked a painting of a lemon, Tea pot and cup of tea. Other paintings which drew my attention were those of a Cherry and Two Chilies.

Kukarma has exhibited their artwork at the Comic Con and besides the usual workshops, have also been asked to come perform live at most of the prolific venues of Delhi. Their fans, who are also obsessed with everything they love, find their art to be visually engaging, with subliminal messages hidden deep in their work. The team is currently focussing their energy on creating a section of artwork, targeted to bring awareness to animal abuse and will be very soon on display.

Kala Drishti, has been designed to boost Art and the careers of artists and aims to address barriers newcomer artists often face, including funding to develop their work. It primarily is an artist-run trust to support upcoming artists as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on. Being a trust intended to benefit upcoming artists, all its activities will have their concerns as a prime focus. This Delhi-based NGO is fighting the cause of keeping art alive in India by providing a platform for budding and struggling artists to take their art places, and encourage the young to find an interest in the field as well.


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