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Imly Courtyard – A Chatpata Stopover

A few years back Varun Puri and team opened up IMLY, a Chatpata Stopover to highlight and promote the chatpata Desi food from different sates in India under one roof Rajindera Place Delhi. They recently opened a new outlet at Ashok Vihar. I was thrilled as this was going to be just 10 minutes walk from my home, and this meant that I can go there again and again and savour my favourite chaats.

So there I was this week and thoroughly enjoyed eating some super tasty chaats, golgappas and other dishes. Imly has an interesting menu. Dishes from every state are experimented with and the result is awesome. The menu has a wide selection of street foods from all parts of India – the north, south, east, west and center, the difference being the presentations and the twists in flavours.

Chaat making is an Art in India, and this was so evident at Imly when my first drink, the amazing Kokam sikanji came on my table. Being an exploratory traveler myself, I wanted to explore more, so I quickly finished my flavoured sikanji and soon the chatpata journey began. It was a journey of real flavours of India. Soon many of my all-time favourite chaats from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai and Pune and Indianised Chinese started landing on my table.



As soon as I finished my Kokam flavoured Sikanji, Dahi Puchka on a Mini Giant wheel were served on our table and our enjoyable culinary journey began. We also tasted the normal Paani wala golgappas which were served with two types of Paani and Saunth. The crispy Gol Gappas were served atop tiny glasses filled with chutneys and potato mix. This was a Do it Yourself activity which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Whether it was Mumbai’s famous Pao Bhaji, or Chandani chowk’s famous gol gappe or Rajasthan’s famous Kalmi bade or Madurai’s dosa that is served as spring roll – everything landed on my table for me to relish.

We thoroughly enjoyed eating many more dishes and here is a sampler for you. We had to leave many more dishes for our next visit as we our tummy was getting overloaded.

Kulche Choley: The normal Kulcha chola that we eat almost on a daily basis in Delhi, but with a twist. Amazingly tasting choley with Kulchas dripping with butter were served and they vanished quickly from the plates.



Tandoori Paneer Momos: A must have dish at IMLY – absolutely delicious.



For me a culinary journey is never complete without a sugary end to my meals. And Imly has an entire section dedicated to Mithais from all over the country. I feasted myself on sinful Tiramisu, Kitkat fritters and Chocolate Dosa.


While leaving I promised to follow the inscription on the exit, “Dobara Aana.”

And here is a sampler of what you can expect while you are at Imly Courtyard, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. 



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