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Innovative AC Services by

If you are looking to order reliable, transparent, and affordable AC services from the comfort of your homes, look no further – contact empowers consumers to purchase subscription AC services that will keep their families cool all year long. Most importantly, keeps homeowners safe by performing thorough background checks on all of their contractors. With AC subscription services from, homeowners can trust that they will work with the same contractor throughout the year to perform quality service and repairs to their unit. can provide valuable services to consumers around the country, including in rural India, thanks to recent advancements in telecommunications. Anyone with internet access can quickly go online and schedule their AC service from After booking an appointment, homeowners will know exactly who will be servicing their AC unit, and when the AC technician will be arriving. This provides an added level of security by keeping customers informed about who is coming into their homes and eliminating the frustration of dealing with unreliable contractors. also sell refurbished AC units, which are significantly more sustainable than throwing away an old AC unit or buying a brand new one. All of’s AC units are locally sourced, ensuring quality and cutting down on the unnecessary pollution and waste that comes from shipping AC goods and parts from overseas. launched in April 2020 as a response to the global pandemic and has had a positive response from consumers to date. The company has a unique structure and relies on a network of contractors who serve as micro-entrepreneurs and perform specialty work in their regions.

Subscriptions are available as a one-time service or for 6, 12, or 24 months. Anyone who has the internet and an AC unit can sign up for service from by visitng


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