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“Kerala Kitchen” a Mélange of flavours

Café on 3, at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar recently organised “Kerala Kitchen” a Mélange of flavours from God’s Own Country, i.e. a food festival to highlight and introduce Keralite food in Delhi. Master Chef Rejimon from Kochi specially flew in from Kochi to curate and cook various authentic dishes from Kerala’s three different food zones, namely Travancore, Malabar and Central Kerala.

Kerala is the Spice kingdom of the world and also the Coconut Empire. Hence most of the dishes here are based around rice, coconuts and exotic spices.

Kerala is one of my favourite states in Southern India, and is also God’s favorite state. Kerala has a unique and traditional foody culture. In Delhi we primarily associate Kerala Food with scrumptious dishes like Appam, Idliyappam, Stewed vegetables, Stewed Chicken, and Malabar Paronthas. But there’s much more to the Kerala cuisine than this. And I found this out during the Kerala Kitchen Mélange. The colourful and spicy kaleidoscope served on my tables kept on enriching my amateurish taste buds.

We were welcomed on our current Kerala food journey by Chef Rejimon, who said that, “Kerala food can be divided into three major groups; Travancore cuisine, Malabar food, and Central cuisine. Food in all these divisions are quite similar in the way they use lentils and spices, dried red chilies and fresh green chilies, coconut, and native fruits and vegetables including tamarind, plantain, snake gourd, garlic, and ginger. The cuisines differ primarily in the spiciness of the food”.

And after these brief introductory lines, we started our Kerala Food excursion with starters like Appam, Idliyappam, Assorted Pakoras (Banana and Onions), and Malabar Parontha and stewed Vegatables. We also tried an assorted plate of other Kerala anytime munchies. As usual, being vegetarians we skipped the non-veggie servings.

Moving on to the main course section now, we concentrated on the veggie section and tried Pineapple Rasam to begin with. And then went on to try Vellari Manga Curry (Raw Mango and white Pumpkin Curry), Vazhakka Koon Ularthiyathu (Tempered Raw Banana and Mushroom), and Urulallizhangu Vada Curry (Potato and Lentil Dumpling Curry) with Kerala Rice.

My non-veggie colleagues loved the non-vegetarian section which had some real exotic and delicious dishes served. There was Kumarkom Meen Pattichathu (Spicy fish curry with Fish Tamarind), Malabar Seafood Biryani (Malabar style Aromatic Biryani with seafood), Mutton Kurumulagu Roast (Mutton with Black Pepper Masala), and Suriyani Kozhi Pidi (Syrian Christiam Style Chicken and Rice Dumpling Curry).

The sweet dishes served as the last course of the meal included the exotic and traditional Vazhapoo Parippu Payasam (Tender Coconut and Banana cooked with Jaggery), Neyyada (layered Steamed cake with Eggs and Nuts), Palada Pradamam (Rice flakes cooked with Cardamom Infused Sweetened Milk).

We thoroughly enjoyed our Kerala Kitchen journey and savoured the delicacies. If you also want to try them out, hurry up the Mélange is still on till 8th December 2018 at Café on 3, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

If you follow my reviews and trust my judgments on food, take my advice – DON’T miss this Melange of authentic Kerala Foods. And for me, I am sure going to give a second visit before the melange ends…


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