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Dr. Sonali with a few dogs she has rescued

Dr. Sonali with a few dogs she has rescued

Lessening the Sufferings of the Voiceless

We all come across voiceless stray animals in our daily lives. At least dogs and cats are the most common ones when it comes to stray animals and they need love, attention, and joy too. Pigeons, sparrows, and other common birds also need human care and affection.

But in our fast-paced lives, we often neglect them and don’t even feed them. We also come across stories of cruelty towards these stray animals. People have been reported to be cruel to their own pets even.

It is very well said that god is omnipresent for the helpless in form of humans only, and recently team exablogs had an opportunity to interact with Dr. Sonali Tripathi, an avid animal lover and rescuer of Paw in Need, an animal welfare organisation working in Pilkhuwa (Delhi NCR), Saharanpur and Ranchi.

Sonali says, “Dogs are such friendly, loyal, and sweet animals. Sadly because of this often people take advantage of them and don’t give them the care that they deserve. There are so many stories of dogs who have suffered terrible treatment at the hands of cruel humans. However, with care, some of these make it out and not only survive, but also thrive in their new homes.” She adds that there’s so little we can do for them, however rescuing abused/abandoned dogs + cats was the best we could do for them to lead normal happy lives, and we do it with dedication. Paw in Need is a registered organisation under 80G, 12A & FCRA.

Paw in Need largely depends on donations to take care of these abused/abandoned animals, and Sonali has been doing it for several years, even before Paw in Need started officially, and has rescued over 3000 animals till now. She says, “Every day I come across cases of stray animals in distress. Some get run over by vehicles leaving them paralyzed for life, some become orphans leaving them motherless, some get abused, and some die of medical complications because they don’t receive medical attention on time. Paw in Need tries to offer them timely medical help. Medical treatments, veterinary care, Tablets, ointments, sprays, shampoos, spot-on, surgeries, etc. are required, and we need people and organisations to come forward and help us.”

Sonali says if the stray population is kept under check, their suffering can be minimised, man-dog conflict can be reduced, diseases that spread by mating can be reduced, and incidents of dog bites will come down.

Paw in Need has its own shelter for cats & dogs. It helps the stray dogs n cats they have rescued find new homes through a properly chalked-out procedure. They make it sure that the person coming to adopt a dog has genuine compassion towards all living kinds, and he should be able to provide and cater to the needs of the pet.

If you wish to help and make donations you can contact them through their social media accounts:



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